SomeDingus's Trialmin Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): SomeDingus

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): Goob#8955

How often are you online to play/admin? (Timezone): I usually wake up in the middle of the day and stay online for the rest unless I have any planned events to attend. EDT

What changes, if any, would you bring?: I honestly think Bee is fine as it is right now, but I’m sure having another Staff Member online would be welcomed.

How old are you?: 17

Why do you want to be an admin?: I heard that most admins play on MRP, which I can confirm as there have been multiple times while playing on LRP where there were no admins online.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Around a year and a half.

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: A month maybe? I’m a Hippie Refugee.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 7

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an admin?: Around 4.

Have you ever been an admin on another server? This is not limited to SS13: I’ve Trialminned on Hippie for a bit before the forums were nuked. I’ve also moderated a GMod server before.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: Nope.

Your strengths: I love interacting with other players, whether it be through prayers or events.

Your weaknesses: I get bored of hour long rounds if nothing is really happening.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Useless political banter and dying instantly to vending machines.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Empathy. I feel like knowing what the player’s intentions were and how they got to that point is crucial.

What makes a staff team good?: Understanding how their community feels, and not being disconnected from what made them want to be an admin in the first place.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: Enforce rules, make sure everything is going smoothly, and make sure everybody has at least a semi-enjoyable experience playing the game.

What kind of player are you?: One that either sits in Virology for 30 minutes trying to make the perfect virus, or one that’ll run around the halls with an E-Sword and die almost immediately.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I’d observe a lot more rounds since that’s whats required of me, but I feel like I’d be able to connect more with the community.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: Nothing. That pretty much is the Clown’s job.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that another admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: Ask them what exactly they’re doing, and why. Depending on their past notes I’d probably issue a ban. Maybe not perm, but still, plasmaflooding is a big deal.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: I’d suggest he reads the guide to chemistry but that’s about it.

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u gotta be 18 to be an admin on this server brother

As stated above, we do require that admins are at least 18 years old. You’re welcome to try again in a year, but for now this application is denied.