Some new botany plants ideas

heres some botany plant ideas cus i feel like the botany “meta” is too bland

Aleoa Vera (i know i misspelt it, english aint my first language) simple, inside it contains a teensy weensy bit of medicine, but the important part about it is that it can be used to craft brute patches and ointment

Sana Vera, mutate aleao vera and you get this, it can still make brute patches and ointment but it also contains synthflesh (also both of these plants kinda work like chem-master patches)

(admin spawn only) Ambrosia Verum, it looks like ambrosia Gaia but it contains adminorazine (it LITERALLY makes you immortal)

Cactus, can be used to make okayish armour that hurts people if you walk into them but also hurts to put on (maybe injects reagents into them aswell?) and also a sword/club?


ill probably add more ideas soon but you can also put your ideas aswell

Clownplant-- Grows a literal NPC clown.

Cluwneplant – Like the clownplant, but instead a cluwne.


A rooted hostile venus fly trap. It’s a like a turret that works in melee. Give it blood to authorize the person who’s blood it came from. It takes a while to apply the blood to the plant and it can attack you while you do it.
You can also spray a chemical on yourself to make them docile against you so you don’t get attacked while trying to do this. Either make it obtainable in chem, botany or both, but if in chem make it somewhat complex.

How about a way to spawn with replica pod that doesnt require a coworker to harvest? A auto harvester for hydro? or just to trigger on death with them.

I wonder if you can do that with circuits :thinking:

You could do that with circuits.

Rainbow melon - it contains space drugs some nutriment and water.

how or a guide would be pretty if not its whatev