Some borg suggestions

So apparently forums got gibbed and i gotta repeat this.
I was suggesting to give the mediborg a beaker storage apparatus, just like in tg, and to give the engiborg plasteel sheets upgrade, a sheet snatcher so he can pickup sheets and use them, a experimental welder upgrade, and a ‘magnetic gripper’ the one like in aurora or bay that can be used to grip circuit boards but also prox sensors, stock parts, lights and other stuff. There were a couple other suggestions about the brobot and mediborg as well posted by other users, but i do not think i can replicate them. Also for not only the engiborg rped makebit have an option to ‘dump’ underleveled stock parts so if you have 3 super cap power cells and 2 reg pc the rped will drop the 2 power cells.

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If qwerty gives any of these the OK, I’ll gladly do them as I brought up something similar to this previously, but this sounds like a much more reasonable idea than the one I had.

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As long as the sheet snatcher isn’t default and has to be researched and attached by a Roboticist, I’m all for it. If that weren’t the case engiborgs would have all the sheets on the station within minutes with their AA.

Im not sure i understand. What sheets would they steal? Why would they steal sheets from the lets say ore r machine? The engiborgs sheet snathcer would only allow them to pick up one type of sheet at a time… Its not like the mining borg snatcher or something.

Like the metals that spawn on the station roundstart, if borgs snatched them all output of Sci would nearly be 0 until mining cashed in their first haul.

Dunno why would borgs be so evil, but its okay as an upgrade as well

this got added so that’s cool, just be careful with it around things that take beakers, you may not be able to get it back

this was solved by making them make sheets on their own. Plasteel maker sounds good to me