Sole2299 Forum Report

There’s no setup for reporting forum behavior

My ckey- Alexanderself1

My forum name- Alexanderself1

Their forum name-Sole2299

Bad boy behavior- Removed one of my replies that was related to recent admin behavior on a staff report, put my account on hold, and then taunted me.

He be seething :flushed:

Can you include the original forum thread in this post? The conversation also looks cut, it’d be helpful if you posted the entire thing. The Headmins should be able to reach a verdict sooner if you do so.

EDIT: Link to report: Llol111 Admin Report by Dutchylwd

Original thread is llol admin report by Dutchwyld

what was the issue here

I removed it, report me instead.
The account was silenced by Ruko not Sole, trials don’t have forum permissions.

I don’t see how sole taunted you, I don’t see why you are wasting headmins time with this, report me instead if you really thing your comment was not peanut posting and actually added to the discussion.

i mean i don’t really think i was taunting you. it’s not like i started the convo out by being rude. i was just trying to give u an explanation and u seemed to interpret that as something else- so i got sarcastic bc i really don’t know where you’re coming from. like at all

Everything he said in our conversation makes it seem like he was the one who removed it, and then his last statement is clearly toxic and taunting in nature.


i just flagged it and arch saw and got it removed

and u told me to “get my act together” sir. sir…

The report is literally about admin giving a note for a BS reason-
How is saying that admins are quick to deploy notes and bans recently peanut posting?
It’s literally- it’s what the topic is about?


yeah we know that’s your opinion. clearly

i don’t agree, and neither did arch. i guess we can wait on some other opinions here since you seem pretty confident

You are literally threatening him with admin report in that conversation. Your post was just taunting the admins and added literally nothing to the discussion.

First you wrote the comment in question, which I deleted. Then you pasted the warning that your comment was deleted - I gave you a forum warning, then you posted again about your stuff being deleted and got silenced.

Again report me instead if you really think you added anything to the discussion, there is no need to threaten trial admins.

Trial admins cannot delete posts. Their forum powers are limited to their flags being auto-accepted by the system.

The “Account temporarily on hold” is automatic and triggers whenever you have too many flagged/deleted posts. EDIT: This second statement is false. I am mistaken, please disregard it.

Where did I say I was going to make a report?

“Taunting admins”

I literally just said, what is essentially, “hey, this behavior is getting kinda common with the admins recently, it’s a little like a police state ngl.”
And you- you deleted my post saying it was a police state and then warned me and got me temp removed which is essentially a note and ban on forums. That’s kinda funny. You did exactly what I said you’ve been doing recently, trying to get rid of the fact I said it.

One of these is untrue because they can’t both be right

I was actually going to make an admin report about this–

Specifically “Ticket Conduct” and “Behavior” where it says

  • Handle tickets respectfully, do not be condescending or aggressive in admin PM’s.


  • Maintain a decent standard of professionalism when operating within the community. Insulting, harassing, or intentionally targeting anyone in our community is not tolerated.
  • If you are being insulted or harassed, don’t provoke or retort their behavior as it will only escalate hostility. You can choose to ignore them if they do this, but you should still attempt to resolve their a-help or forum post in a professional manner.

Sole is literally mocking the guy here. Instead of politely disagreeing he makes a sarcastic remark about how “after u read the full thread word by word u thoughtfully wrote a thought-provoking comment.” Admins shouldn’t mock players in ahelps or on the forum or anywhere.

That and the fact he literally speaks in all lowercase, says things like “ur” and “u”, uses exactly no punctuation besides a period every once in a while is extremely unprofessional and reflects badly on an otherwise decent team.

Making sarcastic remarks in all lowercase definitely violates


i shall fix my behavior.

i’m sorry but i disagree with everything u said

polite response eh? see i can be nice