Sole ban appeal

CKEY: longines

Admin’s CKEY: perishedfraud

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? golden

Ban Type: global

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 9/13/2020

Round ID: 21221

Ban Reason: metagrudging

Appeal Reason: it’s a little difficult to put into words how … upsetting this ban is. but per usual I will MAKE SOME TYPE OF EFFORT to try and keep it clear and short.

I’m warden on a ling round. coraline (ling cmo), was mass-birthing teratomas. at first, there were only a couple, so i didn’t do anything (do ur thang tumor baby gurrrrrrrl), but then they started to multiply so i started killing them. after some (maybe 15?) minutes of fighting, I kill the last two teratomas (the last two that i was fighting). after i had killed the teratomas, i was near crit. but, bc i was alone i was able to take the moment to heal myself. but then… BOOM. two teratomas rush in before i was healed, and kill me.

though it’s speculation to say that the two teratomas i just killed immediately respawned so they could kill me, it’s obviously the truth.

You cannot attack players over events that occured in a previous life. This includes ghost respawns, and new rounds. When you are cloned, you do not know who your killer is unless someone else tells you.” (quotation from rules page on the beestation wiki)

i don’t need to say much here, the teratomas metagamed to kill me.

so what did i do? i GOT EVEN MOTHERFUCKER!! i respawned as a teratoma and aimed to kill every teratoma on the station. i think i killed 3 or 4. i stopped when perishedfraud sent me a message saying something along the lines of “metagrudging as any sentient being is against the rules.” i felt a permaban was imminent, so after me and perished were done talking, i went after two more teratomas and died in a minuscule blaze of glory

a permaban for this is flat-out ignorant, meaningless, and honestly kind of hurtful. i haven’t had a note or ban for 2 months, i didn’t instigate the rule break, and i was playing as a teratoma, the only antag i know of who’s description is to do “whatever the fuck you want.”

i’m not trying to say that i was justified to metagrudge the teratomas as a teratoma, but i wasn’t fully out of line either. it’s difficult for me see the justification for a permanent ban…bc what i did was nowhere near grief nor was it something i instigated. i was retaliating

Additional Information:

in the ban reason for this it says i should “Appeal on forums after a while if you care.” if u can’t tell, i didn’t wait. as soon as i was permabanned i wrote this appeal.

why is this ban hurtful? i have almost 900 hours on this server with a clean record that’s been sustained. i’m a goddamn regular! A DAMN STAPLE. and suddenly i’m banned…forever?

i gotta be honest, i like this server (900 hours remember that) and i do NOT want to be permabanned. but … i can’t make an apology for this shit. that’s all

Are you saying that after you were told not to grudge against the tetramoas your first reaction was to grudge against them even more cause that’s a really clever way to get banned

Yup that was my reaction but it’s incorrect to say it was my first reaction.

If you think that justifies me staying permabanned after this appeal, just say that.

What. The. Fuck.

Dont metagrudge terratomas, well lets fucking do it

Ban hammer go ding ding ding

Dude really you broke a rule, get banned, deal with it. Metagrudging is really bad and you are telling us you wanted to get even? Lmao stay banned.

Im not the one metagrudgind terratomas, break a rule, get banned. Deal with it.

Also I believe the main part of the ban is that you metagrudged terratomas AS a terratoma, thats probably why you got permad

I made the appeal, I’ll wait to see if it gets denied, and then I’ll move on.

You added nothing of value here and it’s because you’re …projecting… surprise! People can tell when you’re projecting!

I was aware I metagrudged teratomas as a teratoma, that’s why I said that in the appeal.

Btw, an easy way to tell if someone is projecting: they have conclusive opinions with partial knowledge

Just took a look at your bans, I dont even need to talk to you anymore, just stay permad ban evader/metagrudger, we dont want your kind here. Not gonna post anymore since peanut gallerying so feel free to say some more shit cuz you probably aint coming back anymore lmao

I want to stay so I made an appeal. If it’s over, it’s over.

You came at me out of left field for reasons you have barely clarified, which suggests you were projecting. So you can say “we don’t want your kind here” but I don’t think we want YOUR kind either.

its true guardian ur just being a cunt here without adding anything

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Yea Im sorry guys I guess I had a bad sleep. Said things I shouldn’t have, hope you forgive me.

But still, how I see it now is not much different. This dude has a long history of metagrudging, ick ocking, even bad evading and being a shitter. I do not want to to insult him in any way, but the admins might not unban him or give him a shorter ban because of his previous bans/notes.

Sole you should get a vouch from another server, sorry for being a cunt to you.

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I agree, dude has a weird history, admemes should definitely take things carefully when considering an unban.

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Plus I am a bit confused, didn’t @sole2299 just straight up admit to metagrudging? I don’t think that really helps his case here

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Yea he did, and not the first time he admitted to something bad. Look up his bans both sole2299 and longines.

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I’d say admitting to it WOULD help his case? Blatantly lying would be worse.

A perma for metagrudge seems quite excessive.

i agree, perma for metagruding might be warranted if its something like specifically targeting a player for a couple shifts, like a sec officer fucking with a specific player. Whilst this was bad Id say perma is excessive.

Agreed, I have seen people temp banned for much worse things.

I would say don’t remove the ban, but at least put it down.