SoftStone101 Server and Job Banned by WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

CKEY: SoftStone101

Admin’s CKEY: WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both.

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP/Sage.

Ban Type: Server and job(AI, Cyborg, pAI).

Ban Length: 3 Days.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7/28/2020

Round ID: 19129

Ban Reason: Harassed sec mid arrest as a cyborg despite being ordered not to. Kept dragging the prisoner away while sec was setting their internals resulting in the death of the prisoner. Ignored bwoinks.

Appeal Reason: So i joined as a janitor then switched to cyborg janitor, i was cleaning brig then the brig oxygen suddenly is gone, security was putting mask and oxygen tank on a arrested person (didn’t know he was doing that), i tried getting him out of brig to get oxygen then the security binged him back to brig and telling me to stop, which i didn’t stop because according to AI/Borg law i cannot follow someones order if they are keeping the person in danger. the reason why i ignored the bwoinks is because i left the game, the robotic wasn’t fixing me because he was a ling.

Additional Information: I really didn’t know he was giving the person oxygen tank and mask, plus he didn’t tell me he was doing it.

Misunderstanding it is then. Will lift now.

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Unbanned. Have a nice day.

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Thank you, sorry if it had bad grammar, its my second language.

Complete bullshit, i might not remember word for word. But i very clearly talked about being busy putting his mask on. I also told you to leave, warned you to stop and that you are killing him. I had the mask in my hand and was busy putting it on him. You dragged him away from me many times until he died. You even tried to flash me for it. Constantly playing stupid up until i literally had to kill you. But i guess you get away with it.

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You never told me you were putting mask on him, if you did, i was probably flashed i couldn’t see your message.

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