So what do you guys think of the new Stellaris update?

Stellaris recently received an update which reworked Vassalization mechanics, however… It’s a bit… Broken?

Yeah so, Paradox releasing their updates completely broken isn’t something particularly uncommon, but at least the Game Director himself has immediately acknowledged all the issues.

The fundamentals of the new system are very good, but they really require some tweaking, for some reason Paradox decided to make it so that in order to change the conditions/contract of your Vassals, they have to agree with you and like your changes… like… what? I’m not politely asking you to, I am giving you an ultimatum with the threat being your extermination. Vassals currently feel more like spoiled children than being a nation under military occupation.

Unrelated, but just look at this stormtrooper aim.

Oh yeah, we also have new flag emblems.


Stellaris more like, loseris



I don’t even think you get a CB if they say no. So you can’t even force contract changes through war.

The mercenary laws in the GC are cool. The new mega-structures are cool. You can make your production planets extremely effective with the rings. (OR make extremely tanky bunker planets).

Also planetary revolts are also very problematic. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to stop them since they give a stability cap, meaning you can’t jack shit with decisions/jobs to fix it. Additionally, the “options” you have to fix them are weak as shit, so even working with that you get nowhere.

Also there’s no war or anything once a revolt is done. You immediately lose the planet and a few systems and are thrown into a 10 year truce.

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I enjoy it, Had some issues with some unupdated mods and the hyper relays, despite being a bit expensive for the time, they are very useful and can provide some buffs.

I want to know what the goatse emblem is actually supposed to be.

Does anyone remember the 2012 Olympics? There was alot of flak about the logo design and BBC held a competition for a new one. B3ta managed to get the BBC to display a Goatse 2012 Olympic Logo Design.

I build hyper relays early and never lost a defending war.

Then my teammate forgot to buy energy and all of his buildings got downgraded and he got salty as fuck.

Also subjugation claim appear like 20 times instead of one.

The requirements for subjugation CBs have changed.

You now just get the option to vassalize by war the moment you become a viable overlord(which just requires them having inferior military). Previously you would only get the CB after diplomatic vassalization got denied.

This is why one enemy empire has 20 subjugation claims at the same time?

To my understanding yes.

This is also why you probably have multiple subjugation CBs available.

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I like Stellaris early game, then it quickly goes downhill from there.

War is straight up not fun with how systems work, you make a deathstack and move it through their system one by one, maybe splitting it up to cover more ground once you’ve wiped their fleet. Repeat ad nauseam.

Kinda sucks since its not hard at all to completely dominate the economy. I like to play these games as a “state serves the military” type. With economy dead easy and war boring, what else is there to do? Exterminate the xenos? Fun the first time, not so much the fifth.

I’ve somehow bugged the game into allowing me to build 170 industrial districts on a single planet.


I guess you’re the evil empire now. You got the fashion down for sure.


Also stellaris is 100% more fun with friends. So it may make the game more enjoyable since you can do dumb shit.