So umm.. why is xenobio so weak?

i mean, it should be buffed - look at miners with their hiero club - that’s op and botany - that’s op so umm… buff xenobio?? i mean, what they can do is weak and it should be buffed so it’s worth the effort

Cargo: orders guns and kills the xenobio man

Buff ghosts, they are too underpowered compared to mining Sci and botany

here’s my idea for a buff: xenobiologists get temporary admeme perms for the duration of the round simply by walking in xenobio. any bans they make are unappealable and you cant make an admeme report against em because they’re not an admeme


EXACTLY - that’s why it DESPERATELY needs a buff!

we gotta add a crossbreed that lets xenobiology get their own cargo shuttle and golem omnilathe


Bruh this is what i think whenever someone says xenobio OP.
Just stun and shoot in head our adamantine armor doesn’t cover head.
Imagine being so unrobust you cant kill a very unrobust xenobio man with slow regen, able tele when not stunned and op armor that doesn’t cover head and makes them so fucking slow a person wearing active magboots can catch them

Also you can just poison us we dont have anything that can help with that

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