So this is my first report sorry if its messy. Someone killed me as non murderbone and sabotaged my botany

In-game report: yes

CKEY: i have no clue what that is

Your Discord: Jo Gy#4149

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 13.09.2022

Round Number: 40375

Rules Broken: Escalation Policiy

Incident Description: So i was learnin botany today, then a cloud of acid gas appeared and killed me and destroyed the botany, i saw no one but dead chat told me it was a scientist if i remember correctly, maybe i just fucked up something realy bad im a noob at botany , but i did nothing dangerous though just grew normal fruits, after the round i saw there was no murderbone antag and no one with the objectives to robust me or the botany away… so it really fucked up the round for me since i was NOT a target…

Additional Information:

Discord report:

Your Discord:

Offender’s Discord:

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

Additional Information:


Hello, I am a mentor here and can show you how to clean up your report

Delete this part. This is a game report, so it is not needed.

here is where you would include tertiary information, like “were there other botanists?”, “what plants were you using?”, and if your body was collected by medical or not.

Thank you for making a report, I know some people run into a hurdle of “is this worth the effort”, just know it is, and the staff appreciate it.
Have a good rest of your day.

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A CKEY is the username you use to login with.
So your CKEY is MightyMikey, right?

Also, your date format doesn’t quite match the one in the report layout, should be “09-13-2022”, but that’s pretty minor.

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Someone recently has been testing throwing grenades onto a bluespace launch and then teleporting them into botany. I don’t think the incident I saw was this specific ones, but since the grenade landed in botany, filled it with green smoke, and then the botanist was extremely mutated, I can assume that something similar happened. Just popping in to let whatever admin peeks this that they might want to check for BSL logs mixed with chem grenades

Report Processed

Please do include your CKEY next time though.