So This Antag rep thing

BeeStation 13 Changelog

  • Playing any station role without dying, logging out, going AFK, or suiciding at the start will increase your odds of rolling antag in a later round. The job you choose does not matter, even assistant.

so if i enable only wiz and just keep playing i will eventually have so much antag rep that i will get it?
gonna need some more info bout this.

No I’m pretty sure it takes away antag rep if you roll and have the job disabled

Edit: you ALWAYS roll for antag, even when disabled. It’s just how the game be

Would be nice if this number was made public to us

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Admins can see it in player panel. You can probably just ahelp about it

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more antag rep = more chance you will roll antag chosen this round
more antag rep != more chance you will roll antag you have enabled

rolling blood brother time

I know that what i mean to say is if the round chosen is lets say Nuclear Operative and i have only that enabled and i have played many rounds without getting an antag as i have them all disabled except nuke ops i will have a good chance of being chosen for a nuclear operative antag role that round.

So antag rep does not decrease if you roll a disabled antag like some people say.

It does . You roll, get it, its disabled, so it rerolls

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so i asked what my antag rep was a while ago and then a few times after that and its not been going down at all just up up and up to 180 now i think? gonna ask a few more times to make shure but seemes cool.