Snowed In Event Feedback Thread

For those of you who attended the event I ran earlier today, do you have any feedback? Anything you think should be changed for possible future versions of the event?

And for those who missed the event it was similar to the Lavaland meteor building event, but with more of a PVE/light exploration focus than building. Although the base was looking pretty good by the end.


my main feedback would be that there is no oxygen Miner, which means any oxy loss on the station cannot be regained, but i also dont know the average oxygen level on that map.

There was one, just not in the main base. Also the atmosphere is relatively breathable, although it’s cold.

Would be pretty nice if events like this were announced in #announcements couse i had literally no clue that this was a thing that happened

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For future reference there’s an event ping role you can get in the #role-requests channel. A ping was sent out around when it started.

You must cleary run it again
Cause i missed it


My access to #general has been revoked for posting unfunny memes

So that’s why I’m saying that such announcements should be made on channels visible to everyone

also yes

although i wasnt able to particapate at the event. considering my map has simular theme id be interested in hearing the results from the feedback… also the map file
i need to take a look at the areas you have asigned. for testing purposes of course

also maybe dont run event at around 5am CET in a server with at least half european population

Yeah that’s just a certified timezone moment. I’m in the US, that time was the most convenient for me. Not much to be done in that regard.


mf tyran

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This event was very fun to play, I had a lot of fun with my friends and ended up getting lots of gamer gear. It was also a really big bonding round with my friends 10/10

Ah! I had the great pleasure of experiencing this fun event the other night, luckly as a clown. Got to wander the snow choked desolation of the mining base, into a plasma coated hellhole. Then I got killed by the biggest spider i’ve ever seen. Overall, would rate very interesting / 10, except we need more room in the initial outpost i feel, medical was cramped, the “bridge” consisted of the security nook, and the kitchen / botany was 3x times the size of the rest of the outpost.

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