Snootypip & Helixzzpnr Player Report - Sexual Harassment

In-game report:

CKEY: viciousoreilly

Offender’s CKEY: Snootypip & Helixzzpnr

Offender’s In-Game Name: Boops-The-Snoot & Lev Artemowicz

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Late April

Round Number:

Rules Broken: Primarily “6: No ERP or Pornographic content”

Incident Description: Both players signed up as security officers. Partway into the round, they bring two prisoners in and deliver them into my custody. One was “Kaylie Petrova”, the other I forget the name of. Boops and Lev then tell me they are arrested for “having sex in maints”. I ask them if this is a fucking joke, and the double down and give me a description of the alleged sex act (this is the crux of the issue right here). I tell them that this is very fucking serious, and they stick by their story. The prisoners protest their innocence. I then move both prisoners to the permabrig for privacy while I ask the crew if there are any witnesses, as I am not taking the word from these two known liars and shit-stirrers. There are none. I return to the permabrig and grill Boops and Lev yet again, stressing that these accusations are very fucking serious and they, again, stick by their story and try to goad me into executing them. For Snootypip in particular, this kind of ban baiting is common. I tell them to take care of it and go to cryo because fuck being in yet another round of being framed for shit by Snootypip.

On the way to cryo, I am bwoinked by an admin (think this was Aeder but I wasn’t paying much attention to the name) who asked me why the two prisoners are in perma. I tell them that multiple players accused them of ERP and arrested them. The admin angrily replies “Then why wasn’t this ahelped?” to which I can only respond, “I have no fucking idea why the people who said this happened didn’t ahelp! I wasn’t there.”. I hear no further.

I don’t think the ERP incident happened. It would be wildly out of character and the whole story stunk of bullshit, and I was sure Snootypip invented it to get me or someone else in trouble. However, they did give graphic descriptions of the alleged ERP to me seemingly in order to make me uncomfortable and risked permabans on two probably innocent players to do so.

Additional Information: I am not looking for peanut posting or drama in this thread. Verbal abuse and insults are usually tolerated in this subforum (hence why I didn’t post this or any other report earlier), but this case is pretty serious so I’d like everyone to keep it civil.


It is absolutely possible to get the round ID, we just need a little bit of context.


Trying to find mention of what happened in OOC via discord turned up nothing, and that’s about all I can do given how long ago this occurred. Apologies for jumping the gun and missing the “happened in april” bit.

Filter to every round their ckey enters cryo in april, then search for every vicious bwoink within April. I don’t think it’s going to get any easier to filter than this given the relatively lacking info and lack of any exact phrases to search for.

Sounds like someone would have already looked into it though, who knows where that led them though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I didn’t actually cryo, I rode out the round and released the prisoners IC citing a lack of evidence. I was expecting an admin followup but it didn’t come. I figured ghosting wouldn’t be appropriate when an active ahelp ticket. There was a fairly lengthy battle royale extension though, before the ticket was closed.

not to peanut but which one is it? Why didn’t you mention that you released them in the initial report, and why did you leave the prisoners to Boops and Lev if you knew they were starting shit?

They abandoned them in perma and didn’t perform the execution they were excited about. I left them in charge because if an execution was going to happen, and it looked like it might, I seriously did not want that on my hands. Didn’t mention the release initially because it wasn’t really relevant.

that’s an oxymoron, it’d be your fault by extension because you left the prisoners with the two knowing they were most likely going to kill them.

(peanut, only undeleted because op replied)

As a reminder, do not peanut post, it’s just going to be painful for the admin that picks this up and handles it to read through dozens of useless messages, if you have nothing to say that would help an admin investigate this (such as arguing over whether the exact round ID needs to be listed in a player report or not), then please don’t post anything at all


Ok so I didn’t shoot the two officers dead. This wasn’t a by-the-books case and I decided that giving them enough rope to hang themselves while I fucked off because of how deeply uncomfortable the whole thing made me was the right call. If you disagree with that, fine.

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Round ID is 37696

Example logs below, there are the also the adminhelp logs of everybody involved, snootypip, helixzzpnr etc. This was handled in round but i don’t have the time to confirm what exactly happened and/or what got handled. I will leave this up to the handling admin to fully investigate as i don’t really have the time for it.

These are some examples, snipped out logs to confirm that the round ID is infact that round.

(Messages between you and the admin)

(Messages between snootypip and the admin)

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I was sure the admin name began with an A. Oh well.

I’m taking issue with the “sexual jokes are fine” part which is NOT what the rules page says. This wasn’t a joke, it was a fraudulent claim of rulebreaking and ban-baiting which made me incredibly creeped out because of the sexually charged nature of the accusations. I don’t want to be subjected to that shit.

I was also not in on the ‘joke’ so that was an outright lie.

ok, my last post defending myself was deleted I guess so ill make another one so people dont think im a sex offender like I’m being made out to sound like by spindels besmirchment, what happened from my point of view was, I was a security officer and went into maint and was attacked by two catgirls who killed me and stripped me naked, after getting revived and the two getting arrested I explained to the warden who I think was spindel?, I wasnt paying attention to their name really but after telling them what happened how I was robusted by a duo of catgirls and stripped they made the joke I got sexed im maint where other officers herd and started the joke of me being sexed in maint, I also thinking it was funny said it as well like twice. my opinion of this report is that its a horrible excuse to attempt to get me in trouble out of fear of himself getting in trouble and is playing the victim of something that happened like 3 weeks ago I think, maybe 4 weeks ago. and it just all of a sudden causes him serious distress and says I sexualy harassed him. when like I’m pretty sure everyone els there was saying it way more than like the two times I said it and grow up dude if the word “sex” offends you then you probably lied about your age and shouldn’t be playing an 18+ server. (my bad I just realized how flags work and that it was hidden from being flagged this post is better tho I think so delete the old one pls if one must be deleted)

so I didnt even know execution was on the table like its being made out like by spindel that I was exited for it, after telling what happened to the warden and some officers I left the prison because after that I didnt care what happened to them, its out of my hands as just a normal officer, not my job, but I have multable accounts where execution is A-ok in your eyes, without caps permission ghetto style just on the spot, like being throw out of the gulag shuttle, or beheaded in cargo, iv not seen you ever care about removing someone from the round before, what makes this different?.


You made rape “jokes” to my face and when pressed, doubled down and said repeatedly that it wasn’t a joke. That’s not appropriate. End of story.

I shouldn’t have to spell it out in terms like this. If you have ever talked to a single other woman you should know not to do this.

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This is also wrong. This isn’t an 18+ server, it’s a server with an age restriction saying users must be 18 or older. Sexual content is not implied and is in fact not allowed according to the server rules.



damn bro you ghetto style goated with the sauce and down naughty and out to swag and

what the fuck does this mean


Thread devolving into personal attacks. Wait for an assigned admin.


Okay, this one ended up sitting for a while.

I’ll be getting to this in the next few days.
Sorry for the delay.

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Right, so after looking through the say logs for the players involved, there does not appear to be any evidence of ERP and this looks to at most be a joke.

Report Rejected.

Sorry for the delay on this. I had a slightly busy week.