Snootypip banned by Unknown

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
antag ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
telling a cult construct it was ok to plasma flood security
Appeal Reason:
ok so I have like very little knowladge about this ban because I was not told about it at all but I think it’s dumb based on what happened, as an incursion team me and some other guys were converting crew into constructs because one of our guys got a kit on discount, I was kinda doing my own thing for a bit tho and really only killed a couple of people that round who were either sec, command or our targets, at the start of the round I was walking by the hop line when I noticed there were two officers standing in it and the hop at their desk along with like two others who were civillians so I vended a minibomb and appempted to blow them up to take out the two officers and get all access for me and my crew but I ended up blowing myself up in the process so I couldent follow up on it, this is really the only reason I can imagine being dinged for “murderbone” when only like 2 people there were not sec nor command, collateral damage for the greater good. now what I think I was dinged on and banned for was telling a construct that wasn’t even under my command that it was ok for them to plasma flood security because as an antag sec is fair game to kill along with command, I really don’t see how this is on me at all considering he wasn’t even under my command, sec is valid to antags and we needed to hijack the shuttle.
Additional Information:
how I just found out about this ban was on the current round I was on in the middle of reviving someone as a doctor then I was flashed as a rev and suddenly booted out of my body being round removed as a bodyless ghost while someone else took control of my body, luckily they didn’t do anything to besmirch or cause problems with “certain” people who dislike me and feel the need to grudge on it, or ruin any friendships with a well-placed pie to the face, but this really isn’t ok, imagine your character was just taken over and they walk up to someone you have good relations with and just insult them or something, id rather of been dusted. I would also like the note or reccord of this ban removed please if for some reason there were just a shit ton of non sec in sec that got burned the blame would rest on the construct who did it because he wasn’t even under my command nor told to follow my orders and sec is valid, and I dont think iv murderboned before like ever, i always go stealth when im antag never run and gun really so why escalate to an immediate ban?, not that I should of been warned or any punishment should have been taken to begin with.

Alright, I was told you were appealing this now, I’ll take a look in an hour or so

In the meantime here are the missing details:
Round ID: 37274
Ban date: 2202/04/27

They may have technically been slaved to one specific player, but it’s both totally reasonable for them to think they are serving the team as a whole and for you to assume the role of instructing them as a part of the team. If you thought you weren’t in charge of and couldn’t influence the construct at the time, you wouldn’t have been trying to in the first place so this is a pretty flimsy defense. When anything bound to follow orders or instructions follows them, the person giving the instruction is going to be held at fault for what happens.


  • Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.

Nothing is low-collateral about a plasma fire. It’s arguably worse than explosives and takes much longer to fix.

Listed ban reason: Over-escalation as a non-murderbone antag. Plasmaflooded security and blew up the HoPline for little to no reason. Result of Thefallout, Lugi23, SnootyPip, AmazingGayDude Player Report

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within this same round, I’m not sure if it was the same construct or not but when asking a construct to complete a task I wanted it to do it replied with “your not my master” just putting that out there because it could of been the same construct who flooded but I actually didn’t know that was a rule about the collateral thing but I will say the bomb at hop line was a mini bomb that only killed like 3 people I think one sec and two civs and almost myself the civs were taken to medical after and the hole fixed but seeing that rule now I am seeing that some punishment was warranted but I don’t think what I assume was a two-week ban? was warranted, thats a bit much for this seeing that this is probaly my fist offense for this crime, but now iv already served a good bit of this ban not even knowing it was in afffect, im not a huge antag nerd who hopes to be one every round so it does not much bother until im booted out of my body trying to revive and heal.

One week, it’s set to end on Star Wars day.

Additionally, antagonist bans tend to be longer because they don’t impede your ability to play in most situations - sometimes the player in question won’t even notice a difference (especially if they aren’t made aware of the ban).

There’s not really a good system in place for players punished as a result of reports to be made aware of their punishments until they go to play and can’t, or in your case, are directly barred from becoming an antagonist.


Maybe a system could be in place tho to maybe not kick players out of their bodies when they are converted to antags?, or maybe just delete them when they become one and don’t let others pilot their bodies, that seems VERY dangerous especially in my current situation having an acting player report on someone who has a tendency to meta grudge against me, also if I would of known about that rule and that the hijack the shuttle objective doesn’t allow you more leeway on murder also a better understanding on how the incursion team worked I would not of been as destructive as I was, at first I thought it was just blood brothers with uplinks until multiple people were talking over the syndi comms, then I though it was kinda like nuke ops but less destructive but now I see it’s just normal traitors I’m assuming but you know who each other are already and share objectives. However I still stand by that a week ban from antag is still a bit much considering it was not my intent to murder indiscriminately for instance mutable times I would be assaulted or attempted slipper or pushed by people when doing illegal things and would give them a warning to leave before firing a couple warning shots to scare them off not actively hunting and killing them for simply throwing a toolbox at me.

No. This is by far the most fluid solution available. A banned player deserves to be booted from taking part in a banned role far more than the converting player deserves to lose their convert.

If a player is metagrudging you, report them. Also you can always try swapping your character around if that is too much effort.

Whoa whoa, back up.

You did not have hijack or the report would almost certainly have been denied. The entire basis for making the report was that you didn’t have murderbone objectives. If you had murderbone objectives, an admin report might be warranted for mishandling the report (not verifying reported information) and your ban will probably be overturned as well just for that.

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I managed to completely forget about this yesterday and go to sleep :confused:, but alas, here I am

From what I can tell, your minibomb killed: Your incursion teammate (Maynard Thompson) and a medical doctor (Ignites-The-Flamescale)

Then you killed a mime (Silent Sentiment) that had attacked you for throwing the minibomb

Then you, later down the line, also killed Bane Chuck the chef

Then you harmbatonned Jessica Titor the explorer to death

On the plasmaflooding, all I initially found was you saying “plasma flood sec” in departures at some point in the round, though to be fair to you, it seems you didn’t actually get around to it

You are free to ask for the logs on any of the incidents I mentioned above (too lazy to pull all of them if you remember each incident anyway) or correct me on any of those if I am wrong

so with the friendly fire thing im like 100% positive that no one in the line had the syndicate logo above their head when I passed by, the line was out of my vision when I was prepping the bomb so he might of slipped in the line without my knowledge, yea it was not me who flooded sec also if this was at departures when i said for the construct to im like 80% sure he was the construct who said “your not my master” so are you positive the master of the construct didnt give him the permission to do it? he probaly didnt strait up say “yea plasma flood sec” like i did but probaly just answered him with a “sure” or something so F3 won’t really be able to find that, as for the explorer I remember his death, me and the master of the constructs were in robotics and he walked in and was asked to leave or be killed, he didn’t leave so I shot him once with lethal and he ran, no one followed him until he later came back like 2 more times, and I’m pretty sure the second time he attacked us in some way or missed a bola, I don’t remember exactly but that’s when I chased him down and killed him, only after being provoked many times. for the chef, I don’t remember the encounter much at all but id imagine he probably pulled a cleaver on me like all chefs tend to do when they see bad men in hopes of making a burger out of their meat.

yea I don’t really ever mess with plasma and I didn’t flood anything on this round because it just heats everything up and ends up hurting you as well, all I did was just say it to the construct but I’m like 99% sure he replied with “your not my master” I remember this distinctly because I kinda had a “well shit” moment and just stood in departures a moment thinking that this could be a problem and one of these constructs could accidentally kill one of our team members if not properly informed. alas, we failed our objective tho because the master of the constructs was buddies with our target and didn’t want to kill him specifically telling his construsts not to kill him.

wait, if we didn’t have the hijack the shuttle objective then why were all my team members adamant about hijacking it? also, how were we able to hijack it in the first place?, I swore if you tried without the objective it said something like “your brain cant comprehend this” or something simular.

The only restriction to if you can hijack is if you have an antag datum. Hell, a pirate could hijack the shuttle if they somehow ended up on one. Hijacking the shuttle without appropriate objectives usually leads to a lot of unnecessary death, and you getting bwoinked.

sorry for the kinda peanut posting but you’re saying any antag even without the objective can hijack?, like a ling could do it just for fun?

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You are allowed to hijack the shuttle if you do it in a non-harmful way, yes, like walling off the cockpit for example, also for clarification, here were the objectives for you and your team:

  1. Assassinate Marina Pisces, the Captain
  2. Destroy A.E.O.S, the experimental AI
  3. Edward Irish, the Station Engineer has been declared an ex-communicate of the syndicate. Eliminate them
  4. R.O.-G3-R., the Virologist has been declared an ex-communicate of the syndicate. Eliminate them
  5. Have at least one of your members escape on the shuttle or escape pod alive and without being in custody

gotchya, but even with this in my opinion very little reason to get in trouble due to me not being the one who flooded sec and it being a construct not under my command, who I’m almost positive said that he was not my master. I just dont think i should of been dinged on this.

Logs indicate that the minibomb was thrown at them, just slightly outside of the hopline, incursionists also see a small icon with the letter I (for incursion) over any fellow incursionist, none of your objectives indicated that bombing the hopline was necessary (unless I’m missing something), so you killing your own incursion friend because of it is on you

On the explorer situation it seems like on the first occasion when they came to robotics and got shot, they left for a while, then the next time they wandered into departures while you were there with your team, they managed to slip on some soap, then an artificer attacked them and you helped finish them off. I won’t grill you on this since it looked like a justified killing and it seems they had the chance to flee

From what I can tell, you haven’t adressed killing the mime, but from further logdiving, it turns out they attacked you first and succumbed to their injuries when they went to crit, so I’ll drop that as well

All in all, considering your only real big mistake was accidentally bombing your teammate while trying to take out security officers with not very low collateral method, I’m willing to lift this, but do try to be more careful in your decision making in the future as you are on pretty thin ice with the amount of notes you’ve gathered in a fairly short total playtime

Appeal accepted