Smokeycat Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: LodedDiper

Your Discord: Discord User#4914

Offender’s CKEY: smokeycat

Offender’s In-Game Name: Silent Majority

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08-03-2022

Round Number: 39692

Rules Broken: do not self antag, you must roleplay, be excellent to each other

Incident Description: Roundstart mime immediately starts acting like a prick and shoves random people. As warden I charge him with disorderly conduct and tell him to pay a 200 credit fine. He gets to brig… and slips HOS with soap and runs. This is fine evasion and we arrest mime, but he manages to escape through disposals. This again is resisting arrest so we hunt him down and get him, again, and we brig him for like 2 minutes until he asks for a pen and paper while he “acts out a ling” (very high effort mimery as usual) so I open brig to give him that.

He of course never intended to write anything and at the very first opportunity shoves me and runs into disposals again. Then we brig him, yet again, and we give him 12 minutes for repeat offense. Then during the entire brig duration he spams pointing at the paper in my office and begs for it, I tell him he had his chance and dont give it to him.

Eventually he gets released, and of course the first thing he does is to find the clown and assault him. We brig him, 15 minutes this time. Captain commits the foolish mistake of giving him even the slightest chance to instantly shove and run, so he takes it, tries to steal my gun and disposes himself again. At this point we decide that no amount of brig can ever teach him a lesson and that he shall get sent to lavaland.

Sometime later we get alarmed about someone at perma. We run there, and, obviously, mime is there again, trying to break in with an emergency space suit. We chase him off and he goes outside security equipment storage and smashes the window. I shoot him with my egun, but he avoids it and as soon as my gun is out of charge he breaks in and steals the security lockers. Once he returns for the second time I decided that enough is enough and that he has proven himself to be an active threat to the crew, so I lethal him. He dies on the spot (he had other injuries I didnt know about) so I go revive him in cuffs. At this point the shuttle is there, taking him to lavaland isnt worth it anymore and I take him to evac.

All this over a single fine.

TL;DR Mime focuses soley on being as much of a prick as possible to everyone, and naturally is not an antag.

Additional Information: I cant prove it but I have a feeling he’s a ban evader. Correction: This IS an old account, but with a shockingly long note list and also banned from several other servers. This is proof that we are being way too generous with rulebreakers.


Help for admins:

I could not find a user here or on discord by that name, nor by the one ckey that comes up involving that name. It may be a generic mime name, unsure.

Sorry, but hope this helps.

Found him. CKEY is smokeycat and he has an old, but very lengthy ban list.
@SmokeyCat report directed at you.

Looks like he already ate a ban for this, possibly

Good catch, I glanced over it by mistake

That’s for the round after, not the one I reported.


I’ll deal with this report.

The ban @taste_of_a_liar mentioned (issued by RKV) was related to the mime self antagonising, so i cannot include that in my ban reason.

However, i can take action based on the player refusal to roleplay during this round, and powergaming (full toolbelt + insulated gloves as mime, near roundstart? really?).

I was able to confirm most of the events you mentioned in the report.
What they did was FAR below our roleplay standards, and they already have a laundry list of notes and bans.
@SmokeyCat you know very well this is a roleplay server.
This kind of 0rp behaviour is not welcome here.

Report processed