Small chemistry update

Ok, so current chemistry system in the game is not only oversimplified, but also has some incredibly stupid recipes. Some people suggest to port pH system from tg, but it may only cause more lags, while not really making chem mechanics better. People who added pH appear to still fucking know nothing about real life chemistry, since in codebases both with and without it table salt is made from chlorine, sodium and FUCKING WATER. For those who don’t know, lithium, sodium, potasium, rubidium, cesium and francium (and some other reagents i forgot to mention, probably) explode on contact with water. We don’t have last three in the game, but anyways. The author of this shit thought that it works like an ion exchange reaction. Ion exchange reaction can only happen between 2 salts. Table salt can be gotten by burning sodium in chlorine, i don’t remember the exact temperature, but the reaction produces heat, so anyways. By the way about Ions, why does iron + uranium cause an EMP + explosion? (No, atomic bombs don’t work that way in real life, they need certain mass of certain uranium isotopes and some other conditions). https: // en.m.wikipedia. org/wiki/Ferrouranium .

Almost all chemical reactions either produce heat, or absorb it to react. Also, a lot of reactions make more than one chemical, but I’ve never seen any ingame reactions do it, so if it is hard to code, then we can ignore the waste chemicals.

Some more chemical problems:

  • charcoal is made almost entirely out of carbon, so rename it, and make actual charcoal appear in reaction 1 carbon + 1 water (catalyst) (temperature ≈ 375k) ,it would heal 1 toxin and purge chemicals slower than the old one each tick. Eddit: wait, how the fuck would table salt + ash even heal you?
  • "phlogiston, in early chemical theory, hypothetical principle of fire, of which every combustible substance was in part composed. " - i think that name “destabilised plasma” would fit a little better for that recipe, but if you want to keep this reference, then ok.
  • mercury must deal brain, stamina (and maybe toxin) damage on ingestion.
  • chlorine and fluorine must cause tongue, stomach and lung damage on ingestion, and should have a gas form in atmos system. In gas (or at least smoke) form they must deal brute and burn damage to all bodyparts not covered with clothes, deal eye damage (only to organic eyes) if the user is not wearing sci / messon / any type of night vission goggles, since medical and diagnostic huds and sunglasses don’t cover the eyes properly, and cause lung damage if the user breathes them.
  • add hydrogen to atmos system, make burning it generate several times less heat than burning plasma and generate only water vapour (actually it makes H2O2 in real life, but it turns into water and oxygen while using some metal salts as a catalyst, so let’s just imagine it reacts with metal floor. )
  • most radioactive materials are also dangerous because of their chemical properties. If you eat some uranium, you’ll die from poisoning faster, than from irradiation, so add toxin damage to uranium, radium and polonium.

Next addition: industrial chemistry. Magical frost oil magically turning iron into iron should not be needed for this reaction. Make material sheets contain 100 units of reagent instead. Make chemical synthesisers use more energy to make iron, copper, silver, and radium (because it’s the most expensive radioactive metal on earth in real life). Make a sheet either appear when cooling 100 units of some hot metal, or just craftable from 100 units of that reagent in the crafting menu. Add silicon dioxide (SiO2) and rust (Fe2O3) to the game, make single glass sheet consist of 100u of silicon dioxide. Grinding sand must make 97u SiO2 and 6u Fe2O3, grinding volcanic ash must make 107u SiO2 and 13u Fe2O3 (or even more)to encourage chemists to make chemical factories that produce glass and iron. Heating silicon dioxide with carbon makes silicon and CO2, heating rust with carbon makes iron and aslo le carbon dioxide (gas or reagent form, doesn’t really matter). Add a crafting recipe for a (ghetto) solar panel (4 iron rods, 2 iron sheets, 2 glass sheets, 40u silicon). Adding aluminium, cobalt, nickel and etc. ores could be quite realistic, but it would be too much of pain in the ass for mining, cargo, science, engineering, (or shortly speaking, for the whole station), so i wouldn’t advice that. Also, more types of plastic would be cool, but one type is still ok at the moment.

Aaaand also (yes, if i had enough free time, this suggestion would be even longer) most chemical reagents are found in nature easily, so make water pools (like on lavaland prisoner shelter/ ashwalker camp) spawn in random places of lavaland, together with same pools of table salt, sulphur, and mabe some other reagents. Also, i already previously suggested to add a chemical separator, which is a ghetto and tribal analogue of chemmaster 3000 which can’t make pills, patches or bottles, craftable from 3 planks, 3 iron rods, 4 iron and 6 glass sheets.

What i meant by “oversimplified” is that we don’t have electrolysis reactions, isotopes, some chemical elements, and most of gasses exist only in chemistry, but not in atmos. Also, reagents in beakers don’t react with air, carbons can’t slow down or speed up their metabolism with chemicals and there are some more slightly unrealistic things that will be too hard to fix and are not worth doing it.

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Smart fella, do you have a reference of a codebase woth those mechanics put in?

Or are you a coder yourself and are capable of making those? Way i see these things is that, it’s just a game and doesn’t need or have to be hyperrealistic.

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I’m not a coder so I can’t say for sure but it seems fairly unlikely that altering chemistry would cause any tangible amount of lag.

seems like a when you code it moment to me guy. Plus realism ain’t always best, sometimes being a little disconnected from reality is better for gameplay.

Yeah but 50ml of potassium and 50ml of water wouldn’t blow up the floor either. I mean I don’t think it needs to be that realistic.

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u ≠ ml, units mesure amount of substance. One unit is a mole multiplied by some constant variable, which we don’t know. So maybe 50 units of potasium and 50 units of water would actually be able to do that.

Well the way salt and charcoal are made is just a bug. It can be fixed by just editing the recipes a little. What about realism, if you can’t make something more realistic, then explain it in lore somehow. For example, why don’t fluid ducts spill any reagents when removed? Because of an experimental pressure technology. If some absolutely normal sodium and some absolutely normal water do not react with each other for zero fucking reason, then it’s just illogical.

Next you’ll tell me that you cant actually turn a human into a monkey with a couple minor tweaks to their dna. :hear_no_evil:

We can’t do it in real life because we do not have that advanced genetic manipulation technology, unlike NT

Real chemistry would be nice but not practical. Dispensers give liquid hydrogen at 300k which is not possible (if it was more realistic that would instantly lower temp of mix).
Gameplay consider that grinding solides make them liquid, and so on…
I would gladly get more realistic features but then that will be overly complicated for common people

The reagents are not really liquids. States of matter are just ignored to save on performance and make coders and players suffer less.

Also, synaptizine is made by mixing sugar, lithium and water. Since it doesn’t exist in real life we can just replace either lithium or water with any other reagent from chem dispenser.