Slouista banned by Chiryn

Slouista banned by Chiryn

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Self Defense Explosion
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
max capped the entire science department in self defense after being threatened. was warned to never do this ever again. understanding in ticket.
Appeal Reason:
chapter eight of the rules only indicates these acts as “Examples of Possible Griefing” where as I believe it is a stretch to assume that in this specific case “The emphasis is on intent” and if in this case rule eight was not violated then I do not think any other rules were.
Additional Information:
I do not have much additional information to provide as I agree with the general tone of my interaction with chiryn in fact I do not even outright disagree with this ban, I would not categorize it as unfair (if valid).

I simply put to you that in this situation it was the incorrect course of action and while on a surface level it may look like there was reason for it because it matches some example situations, I believe this is in error, and that it was suitably demonstrated that it did not come from any place of maliciousness and so as rule 8 dictates “The emphasis is on “intent” If a member of staff believes that the player’s intent is to grief then action will be taken.” I believe that this ban however short is in error unless chiryn dose believe this event stems from intent to grief, or that the event falls under another rule violation and if so what?.

for an example and a little tangent rule 1 indicates “Basically, don’t act like it’s normal for cultists/nukies/wizard/etc to happen to the station, or for things to generally devolve into chaos.” so I take it I should not assume it normal to be threatened by several visibly well equip competent antagonist persons whom had already physically harmed me before that point by way of there compromised AI and crushing airlocks the captain clown had just tried to get into the RD officer to take the ai upload codes only to be viciously and violently slaughtered by airlocks in front of me, I have seen people get away with more going berserk and attacking people just because they got cloned but this is just an example not a precedent, so what level of events justifies temporary insanity? I ask you in all seriousness, because the standard implied asks for spacemen to be made of some pretty stern stuff, while in the rule one it asks that all spacemen be green every shift.

In short I reckon chiryn may have too much faith in a sense of “I know what a panicked person would do”.

so with demonstration that I was acting in good faith and regretting my actions in self defense and that I neither made the bomb in question for this purpose (I did not even take it outside of science) nor sought out being anywhere near antagonists I put it to you that this ban may have no valid basis at least not under rule eight bullet point four “intent is key” in fact there may not be justification for any action to be taken at all beyond the ticket to just sort out what has happened.

at any rate I respect that administration is always full of hard calls and imperfect information and ultimately I accept the course of action as fair, I simply believe it is in error for the reasons I have given and so I ask for consideration.

I was one of the people who threatened you, the shaft miner. All I did was ask you to be quiet about what you’ve heard. We didn’t make moves to attack you or anything, you just detonated your bomb. I do admit that it wasn’t made for this purpose as you’ve detonated two TTVs before and probably just stumbled upon us on your way to detonate the third one.
However, I do not think ICly it was justified to detonate one.
Also please read the text at the bottom.

I was the other traitor there when this occured and i believe aside from having in a corner of the hall neither me not wilson made any show of aggression, if i recall we just asked if you would keep quiet

well I get why you might think it was not justified, and one of my biggest regrets is not roleplaying the situation out further and yeah I am not going to argue that point however I was roleplaying I just regret not doing so better or going down that rabbit hole hundreds of other situations could have played out I only still had a max cap because another scientist asked me not to use them all at the test site… I had actually detonated five TTVs before that point… we could have gone back and forth a bit I could have threatened you back it is like when you play D&D and wonder what would have happened if you did things differently and there are some plot points that nag at you.

the fact is between the indirect violence and how well equip you were, you were very very scary.
I wish I was not so scared.

The only (visible) weapon I had on me was the hierophant staff and I was wearing the HECK armor.
Actias had no weapons and was wearing the Ash Drake armor
and there was an engineering remote AI shell and a medical remove AI shell
So I wouldn’t describe us as “well equipped”
Also to note, your bomb also touched medbay, decimated Genetics and roughed up Chemistry a bit.

isn’t that nearly the strongest weapon and armor in the game?

The strongest? Not by a long shot. It deals burn damage in an AOE but it’s bad at blocking so you can easily disarm the person wielding it. It’s much better used as a digging tool than a fighting one.
As for the armor, the H.E.C.K. suit is decent, yes. Not spaceworthy however.

armor = list(“melee” = 70, “bullet” = 40, “laser” = 20, “energy” = 20, “bomb” = 50, “bio” = 100, “rad” = 100, “fire” = 100, “acid” = 100, “stamina” = 40)

compared to the SWAT hardsuits

armor = list(“melee” = 40, “bullet” = 50, “laser” = 50, “energy” = 60, “bomb” = 50, “bio” = 100, “rad” = 50, “fire” = 100, “acid” = 100, “stamina” = 60)

As you can see it’s far more protected from Melee attacks, but offers less armor against bullets and lasers.

At that time i WAS wearing gloves of north star if he examined me

But also let’s remember this isn’t the place for arguing, only telling your sides

Oh right, I did forget about that.
Well, as for my plan of actions, I was a lizardman and had purchased the Old Tribal Sroll, so I was going to silence you in the most literaly way if you started screaming, by using the Tail Grab combo. It knocks you on the floor and mutes you for a short period.

I would definitely describe you as well equip, I mean look at that melee armor then look at anything I would have had access to all being a melee weapon.

anyway I agree this is not a place for arguing and I honestly I think I like you both so I have nothing against either of you.

Stop with the chit chatter unless it’s relevant to the appeal. I will handle this in a few hours.

I’m sorry but I just don’t think any explanation will cut it for what you did in that situation. You accepted the ban, and you’re even saying you don’t outright disagree with the ban.
On top of that, I could’ve given you a much harsher sentence but went easy on you as it was your first offense.

Don’t do something like that ever again or try to justify it.

Appeal Rejected.