Skinsuits Moved to Lockers

I know its merged so it doesn’t matter, but am I the only one that isn’t really a fan? The logic given was “Not everyone is of inherent value on bee. Sometimes you just die.”. Playing on LRP and late night low pop, my experience is different, I’d say that logic is only true on mrp high pop.

The problem with skinsuits is that they completely neuters low pressure environments as a threat. With them moved to lockers, you still get to have them, just not quite as convieniently.


You stil get to have them, as long as theres enough to go around and the rest of the suits arent on the other side of a depressurized hallway you have to run down.

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o2 lockers should spawn few skinsuits
o2 lockers should be more common
i dont care about the rest

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