Skavaman11 banned by Ivanmixo


Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:
Server ban

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID:

Ban Reason:

As a borg on asimov brought a canister full of plasma onto the emergency shuttle for seemingly no reason. Unavailable for ticket, please explain your side on the forums.

Appeal Reason:
The reason for why the canister(s) were brought onto the shuttle was entirely based on my desire to verify the practicality of igniting supercooled plasma+oxygen mixture to cause damage once the round has ended, and the escape shuttle had docked. It was not my intention to open the canisters mid-flight, nor were they opened before the shuttle reached Central.
I understand, with benefit of hindsight, that there were better ways of testing this, such as opening them past round end on station itself, or teleporting onto shuttle shortly before it docked. If this action (bringing dangerous canisters on escape shuttle) was too close to risking human harm under Asimov lawset, I apologise.

Additional Information:


EORG prep is generally classified as powergaming since it lacks RP reason (why would a borg is going to CC prepare to break its laws by releasing a potentially deadly mix?)


What they said.

However, this is only permanent since you couldnt be reached.
If you understand that this isnt justifiable (since you have zero in-character reason to do it)
then we can get this reduced to a more sensible time


I did not consider this from the powergaming and RP angles, although it does make sense, and I very much should have done so.


Okay kewl.

EORG is admitedly in a bit of an odd spot by being allowed at all.
So uh, once that end of round sunmary screen comes up you’re free to go ham - with what you have on hand.
That all happens completley out of character though of course.
So preparing for it is no bueno.

You had a perfectly clean record previous to this though, with respectable hours
I will be lifting this.


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