Skando Player report

In-game report:

   Title: Skando Player report
   CKEY: Captain_Wiesel

   Your Discord: Sharktrotsix #3530

   Offender’s CKEY: Skando , (and hos dont know the CKEY)

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Evangeline Werry and Noles Rotland

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05.16.2021

   Round Number: 29717

   Rules Broken: LRP behaivor and validhunting

   Incident Description:

I claimed as a non discorvered Blood Brother that i got multible times got attacked by a laser gun wielding “unknown” got ignored the whole time, so i broke into to the armory because i wanted to took my “denfens” and my “life” into my own hands after i got ignored as the acting ce from the captain and hos … and one of the objectives was located in the armory… after i broke in i got stunlocked by beepsky in space. the detectiv and captain cuffed me in space and pulled me basicly instantly to the execution room where the hos was located at the moment … beside the captain ask why i did it and didnt react to anything i sayed the hos continued to toast me with the electrical chair…
without talking to me befor hand

   Additional Information:

Beside i dont care that i got killed, i really dont agree with the behaivor how they play it out …
ignoring people (me) and killing them (me), because they arnt a threat is more a lrp thing then on mrp in my eyes
If i would activly tryed to kill them what i wasnt able… i would say okey logic… but so … well more vaildhunt then anything else…

So as an antag you broke into armory a place with many guns and important traitor objectives and expected to get away with it, yeah no, This is B&E of a Restricted area, possibly an attempt at mutiny, you probably spaced the armory which could be grand sabotage what if the station got attacked and nobody could reach the armory? you also were gonna commit grand theft and the captain DID question you, but from what I read from your…writing…you didn’t even answer him

as sayed, they dont even had any avidence that iam a antag beside breaking into armory
And the captain was anyway more busy the whole time with anything else instead to listen to his heads / acting heads beside maybe the hos…

he and the hos basicly never responded to any claims i made… neither in Command channel nor in person …
i answered the captain after he question my action … well no response really beside “can you handel it hos” and went off to do under things …
And even my executioner (the hos) didnt asked me out or anything and just pluged the toasty electrical chair on me and toasted me nearly instantly

basicly the whole thing play out like golden lrp stuff … no talking more validhunt

and it wasnt like brig // sec department was in grant chaos where you could say okey maybe everything around there hitted the fan… beside armory without any atmos was the sec department pretty chill if i recall it right.

Firstly there was no ‘valid hunting’ if it was valid hunting they would have executed you on the fucking spot for stepping into the armory and then spaced you after taking all your shit, but no they did an actual execution with approval from the captain, anybody breaking into the fucking armory is a reason to expect they are a traitor and enemy to nanotrasen, it’s a fucking no brainer, your excuse to break in was LRP behavior in reality, think why would a normal employee need to steal a gun with security (on what I assume was blue alert)? or break into a highly restricted area?

What stuff beside a fireaxe and my hardsuite they want to keep?

So its totaly legit and rp logic to instantly execute (and in that case i mean they ask empty questions where there dont want to hear a answer and responde to it and to le killing) someone prefeble a engi / ce / atmos who got fucked by a in the space flooting beepsky? With the words (because i only have that part) “can you handel it hos”

What would a normal employee do when they claim to get harmed by possible criminals and the bosses, overseers or what you can call it, ignore you?

those items are property of Nanotrasen

You broke into the armory Via space, so yeah

I’d say this is an IC problem

well in that case it could be not just me who broke into the armory and i just space walked…
stupid coincidence but possible … i lured beepsky away around the area to the hos office … nobody knowed that i could be me beside “unknown” cuz beepsky didnt scream “Kur-Reet is doing funny stuff at armory / space”…

killing someone as a result of a ic problem isnt the pretty britsch way aswell …
beside they only knowed of Traitor at the moment

they killed checked the gear call it a day and then they toasted my dead body some times after a pai of my B-brother watched from space into the execution room … if its not for “lul killing fun” then sorry but i dont know what this really is

But no…you are an engineer with an axe entering armory…how did you expect that to go?

If they know there is traitors upon the station they have all the reasons they need to kill someone breaking into armory with an axe from space

well it wasnt like had a heated dance with peepsky in the armory … and well i never heard someone can break into armory with axe (from space)
and what should i wear as a acting CE on my back if i claim at this point (of the round) that i got 2 times attacked by “unknown” people with weapons and sec / hos / cap accept it and ignored it …

you were an engineer, you have the tools to completely deconstruct parts of the station, no shit it was you, and you were never an actual head, you were just being opportunistic

like everyone else who can enter the public tool room

well … didnt spawned as a head yes but got promoted by the cap as acting ce, but makes it less low that the captain just ignores stuff that got sayed over command channel… by a “head” if acting or not
onther wise he could just ignored the lack of a ce if it was for him such a unimporten position

Your argument makes no sense your entire fucking JOB Is to build and deconstruct, you obviously would have the IC knowledge how to break into the brig using your department’s tools, armsky caught you red handed, your entire argument is about shit that happened IC, i honestly don’t think your claims of LRP behavior and Validhunting are gonna go anywhere

So, you broke into the armory from space, refused to answer any questions from the captain and then got executed for committing a capital crime and breaching security? Seems like fair game to me.

Mainly an IC issue, I have no say in the matter but that’s just my thoughts

this is exactly what I spent half of my night trying to explain to this guy

i answer the captain … the captain dont care and just went *let hos just execute him directly"-mode instantly

Hey there, isn’t it directly stated in the rules that once you’re considered an EOTC on sage (by which i mean they caught you breaking into armory or whatever) the captain can then validate you to head of security? Him defering to his appointed head for that kinda thing is what I’d expect a good captain to do, delegate and let the departments do their jobs.

I was the blood brother this round I believe…

From my memory, the Captain was overwhelmed with a ton of traitors that round (I managed to break into his office and steal the antique laser gun because he was so busy chasing people down and I was a very skilled blood brother.)

It was a fairly crazy round, and although I would have liked that you stayed alive so I could have green texted, I think you were one of many traitors executed that round. Hence I don’t really think it was valid hunting, because the Captain was actively fighting traitors and many other people, and they were announcing it over coms none stop. Plus once you break into the armory, you’re pretty much considered EOTC, and are therefore valid to be executed under the Captains discretion.

I also tried to break into execution room that round, but your corpse was already husked and there was no chance of reviving you.

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Yeah i saw your pai scounting the the room by space.

Maybe true about the valid / unvalid thing (basicly cant watch in the Cap / HoS head ) only seeing what i can see with my eyes, but still it missed like RP elements … it was just grab the stunlocked acting CE somewhere in space, then drag him into the execution room, ask a empty question i could even saved cuz there was like no onther output from him after i told him my reasoning and “can you handel it Hos?”

So do i, but yeah didnt thinked the cap went into " i dont give a damn about anything anymore" mode … or that the beepsky space flyed behind me …

If you was the clown with the pai then yes you are the BB

If you was the clown with the pai then yes you are the BB

Yeah that was me, me and Rounds (PAI) were holding it down as BB

The validity rules on Beestation are pretty straightforward and clear. Look man, it sucks that you got caught, but the captain was well within his rights if he caught you in the armory. I don’t think this player report will accomplish anything, because for the most part procedure was followed. If I had gotten caught lifting the antique laser gun from the Captain’s office, I would have been executed as well, especially with all the commotion that round.

Take the L, and just move on man, live to Blood Brother another round.


First of all, I’m assuming this report is about me.

If this is the round I think it was I’m DAMN PROUD of it and would DO IT ALL AGAIN.

Complaining about not being listened to on the radio? How bout you fix all the critical power failures and massive gas flooding throughout all the station? OH WAIT you’re a damn TRAITOR and YOU did all that shit.

Then next thing I know Everett fucking Garrison is reporting the dubious as fuck acting Ce breaking into the armory. Who apon capture starts rambling off some nonsense about being attacked.

So of course I’m happy enough to hand this obvious TRAITOR off to a HOS who actually gives a damn about his job.

The crew did an outstanding job fending off the TRAITOR menace that round and it was an honor serving with all of you o7