Siurmaster banned by pixelman77


**Admin’s CKEY:**pixelman77

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**All

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: warning ban for not cooperating with admin ( Appearance ban )

**Ban Length:**2020-07-31 15:12

**Ban Date :**2020-07-30 15:12

**Round ID:**19223

**Ban Reason:**was named ung glob as human on MRP

Appeal Reason: 1) A month ago i was bwoinked to change the name of my character from Ung of Clan Glob, to something more appropriate. I changed it to Ung Glob and it was fine with the admin at that time. Today i got bwoinked and asked for the same thing. While i was arguing if yet another change was necessary i got banned from using any characters. When i asked admin what kind of change with my name does he want, i got no reply. I got warned that using Ung Glob after the ban will earn me perma ban on characters.

  1. Ung of Clan Glob is my first and only character i am using in ss13. I am using him on many different servers for over a year at this point. After some time i started using more rp friendly version of “Ung Glob”. And for a year, no matter the server, no one had any problem with that. Until today that is. I dont see myself playing another character to be honest. People recognize me and interact with me differently because they know who i am, and it creates some great narrations i enjoy the most in this game. I dont want to be some random schmuck with no backstory or to build my reputation from the grounds up linked to a different “mrp friendly character”. Ban on Ung Glob is basically perma ban for me.

  2. Action of ss13 is basically set in 26th century where humans colonized all the Milky Way. There is almost 100% chance that a guy named Ung Glob could exist in that universe. Furthermore surname Ung is a real thing in a modern world

Additional Information: In my humble opinion, this is stupid.


From Ruko’s naming guide:

  • Human - Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child.

There are about 4519 individuals named Ung in USA (according to the wiki).
There are about 9 individuals named Glob in USA (according to the

Some relevant links:
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When your own rule backfires hard

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Also you could easily mention that your name is real on the ahelp but I don’t think that would change anything.
I’ll be asking more @GameAdmin s opinion on this

So it’s a Germanic surname and a Chinese forename (and the link specifies it as a Chinese surname?)

Of all the reasonable human sounding names that don’t raise an eyebrow, you picked Ung Glob?

I wanted to make a name that would stand out and be recognizable, wacky yet human like. Ung Glob sounds like a dude from Man in Black, and thats what i was going for. I think its better to have a varied cast of characters rather than another Tony or Johnny.

Where is the problem? This dude used that name for a long time, even on mrp and is genuinely attached to it.
His name being unique doesn’t ruin anyone else’s round or “break roleplay” and technically qualifies as “normal human name”.


I think that’s a better spacey alien yet human name then Alot of the ones is see (albeit I play on LRP)

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That name is fine. A bit weird, but I’ve encountered weirder. IRL.
It is not a pun, it is not a curse, it is not a rare name of a widely famous individual.
It is fine.


Ung Glob is a fine name, I see nothing wrong with it. If someone named their kid Ung Glob, I wouldn’t ‘raise an eyebrow’, especially since (in some cultures) you don’t really choose your surname, and Glob is the more ‘questionable’ name out of the two.

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I’ll lift this ban when i get back on my PC