Sionallona banned by raxraus

CKEY: sionallona

Admin’s CKEY: raxraus

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Ban Type: Antag ban

Ban Length: 3 days

Ban Date (06/25/2020)

Round ID: 17701

Ban Reason: As monkey, tried to humanize himself and thus broke team antag rules.

Appeal Reason: Oh I totally did that and I’m not ashamed by it, fuck being converted to monke.
At least get rid of abductors though, I don’t play them and being implanted with organs yeets me out of my body which is pretty annoying. Gangster, (non-head) rev and devil would be nice too, assuming signing a devil contract or being sintouched would do the same.

Additional Information: I just hate monke. Nobody likes monke. Fuck monke.

While I feel like this definitely breaks spirit of the rules type thing, definitely fuck monkey.


Epic. Appealing with the words, “I totally did it, and I’m not ashamed” then spouting off about the game mode is the best way for an admin to feel the need to remove the ban. Epic


You uh

You can turn off monky in antag pref.

Or ask to be antag banned from monky instead of that

Or even ask an admin ‘hey me no like playing as monky, giv body to someone’

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That doesn’t stop you from being converted.


I know, but being banned from a conversion antag offers your body automatically as soon as you’re converted.

‘S an option, that’s all


A reasonable suggestion, Ruediger, but does anyone actually like monkey gamemode?

It doesn’t last long and it’s terrible gameplay but it’s always hilarious to me

I do, though I always kinda wished it was a middle round antag. At the start of the round it can end way to quick if the starting monkeys walk by Medbay and get discovered through Med huds.

Also the virus needs a cure that’s not suicide and clone.

bananas my dude they prevent convert

I was under the impression that they were supposed to prevent convert, but don’t actually. Unless it’s been fixed since I last did it, in which case, oops.

I was one of the many ghosts who watched you that round.

  • A: you deserved this ban. You didn’t even try to play after you got converted. you wandered the vents for a long time, after trying to get HoP to use genetics to turn you human, and the only time you bit a guy was because he attacked you first. Then you killed yourself.

  • B: this is a pretty bad appeal. You clearly dont care, and you want all the gamemodes you dont like removed? Like great but the server doesnt revolve around you. Abductors is fun, being implanted doesnt kill you. I dont know why you mentioned that. This isnt an appeal. its you complaining about gamemodes you dont like. Why did you even bother with this bs appeal?

You broke a rule and clearly stated that you don’t care in a based fashion.

Ban shouldn’t be lifted.

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Ban shouldn’t be lifted because you refused to play along as you’re expected to with every conversion antag. If you get converted and don’t want to play along after, alert admins so they can do something.

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Denied due to expiration and admin agreement to keep it.