Sinner muted by Efem

Discord ID:Sinner#9026

Admin Discord ID:Efem#4339

Ban Type:Mute.

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (11/13/2021)

Ban Reason:Cropped porn as pfp

Appeal Reason:I really wasn’t using a cropped porn pfp, it’s was literally the whole image, and i was just using this until i didn’t got something to use. Anyway, i’m not going to use/do this anymore.

Additional Information: The whole image was just a Ahegao. I can send this if you need to check.

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Guilty until proven innocent seems to be a common occurence.

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This should be easy enough to verify with a simple reverse image search, yeah?

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Well, i tried and didn’t found anything

Afaik it was a image one of my friends drew of pepper mint.

Also, he’s a nice artist.

The issue from the admin’s perspective wasn’t that the image was actually cropped porn or not, it’s that it looked like cropped porn. There is no need to verify the actual origin of the image, not that we’d force admins to do that anyways.

Specifically, the image violated our rule on sexually explicit content.

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Bit hard to do with heavily cropped images

Ah, i understand… So, theres something that i can do about this? I recognized that i did a very bad mistake, but, i don’t know so much if theres something to do about this, never breaked a rule before, this is my first time

From the looks of it, you’ve updated the pfp, so I can alter your warning down to just one-point over the current three. That should let you back into the main channels again.