Since the LRP rules don't apply to MRP and the "no erotic content rule" is only on the LRP rules, this means ERP and Erotic content are now allowed on Sage

I mean, the antag conduct rule on LRP says

“Traitors, Blood Brothers, and Changelings must complete half of their objectives before engaging in mass murder/destruction.”

but it doesn’t say that on the MRP rules. If you try to follow that you will get banned probably.

Likewise the Be Excellent rule on LRP says

“No erotic content is to be posted OOC or IC as the server contains minors. This rule is a zero-tolerance rule and will be met with an unappealable permanent ban from both servers. We may or may not share the logs so others can laugh at you. Go to a containment server if you want to ERP.”

And, as we all know, LRP rules don’t apply to MRP. So logic dictates the “No ERP or Erotic Content” rule doesn’t apply to MRP anymore.


There’s some things that are always followed, even if they aren’t in the rules. There’s no “be unrobust” rule on mrp and yet that’s followed at all times.


But erp was always allowed on mrp. That’s what all MRP servers are. ERP servers

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It’s in both rulesets
Not sure if shitpost.

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remember when antags where allowed to erp

wasn’t last time I checked

It’s been that way since even before the rule’s wording was updated to include general erotic content instead of just ERP

nvm, I am blind as shit

someone get a burn patch, jesus fucking christ