Simple tip to easy screen capture for faster bug report + PR post

Yeah, screen capture is annoying if you don’t know a good hotkey that can make it faster.

Yes, I captured this while I was writing this…

    1. [window key] + [Shift] + [S] to area capture
      Ctrl + V to a webpage


    1. a notification pops up. if you click this notification message, you can pop up a simple painter window to adjust an image a bit


    1. draw any arrow or anything you think necessary - then [Ctrl] + [C] this then you can upload this simply

[Alt] + [Print Screen] to capture an entire window fast (not entire monitor contents)
area capture thing is a bit slow, but this is faster than it.

Better: Install ShareX or Lightshot.


or just use quick screenshot in the upper tab if it’s in the game window

that’s weirdly working so I don’t use it. I don’t know it’s only me.