Sillybillysilly ban appel 2

Title: Sillybillysilly Banned by Admin zoom9337


Admin’s CKEY:zoom9337

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both

Ban Type:All Antagonists

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (13/08/2023):

Round ID:45343

Ban Reason:Cryoed 2 minutes into the round, ahelping about it asking us if he could but left a second later not giving us a chance to respond. You have a history of this, and we cannot manage a good-faith argument here.

Appeal Reason: I believe this is unfair because ever since the new update with the spawning in as a assistant when you don’t get the job you selected was added i have been spawned in as assistant even when i change my preference to sending me back to the lobby. i am sorry that i have had to go often in the past couple of months my dog has gotten old so he has been vomiting and defecating on the floor instead of going outside due to his old age so when this happens i have to clean it up which is a hour or more long job because we have carpets. i am truly sorry about the cryong and not waiting for a answer i was in a rush because he had been sick so that is why i did not wait around for answer. it wont happen again.

Additional Information:
here is a photo of him for extra credit


The “spawning as assistant” thing is a toggle in the job selection menu.
also cute pupper, unban he immediately.

I’ve heard reports on beestation discord recently (not sure if an issue has been made on github) that the toggle does not work properly, or that it resets choice from time to time

yeah that has append to me i change it to send back to lobby but the next time i load up the game it is reset sometimes .

For me it resets every single round, I have to keep switching it to “return to lobby” every new round I play

I forgot to put the “appeal this on the forums” modifier as that was the intention because DC’ed before we could get to it.

Anyways, we really do not want people joining a round and leaving it within the first thirty minutes, as you could have just not played at all. Appeal accepted, though I don’t know what’s going on with people being forced into assistant, you can additionally try to get the job you want from HoP.

Appeal Accepted.