Silicon Rebalance/Rework Ideas

Hello! It’s me again. Ya boy Sumter is at it again making a topical post about something no one will take seriously. Again.

Todays topic is: Ideas for a silicon rework! Yaaaay!

The big problem with the AI currently is that it isn’t at where it’s meant to be or where anyone wants it. Over the years the AI and the other silicons have been neglected when it came to updating them and many PRs that came along either directly or inadvertently nerfed their capabilities. Recently however (as of the last week or so), coders have started to take a special interest in the silicons and have actively started updating them.

I feel that player input is important, and the goal of this thread will be to suggest ideas of how the silicons could be better improved, provided by the people who play them. As you suggest ideas, I’ll discuss them with you and if they seem particularly good I will update the main thread with your idea. In order for your idea to be considered, please follow this format:

  1. A brief description of what your idea is
  2. Why it would be good for the game

Your idea can be as wild and radical as you want, just keep in mind if you would really like to see it in the game it would have to respect the server rules, roleplay, and game balance or else they may not be considered by potential coders who may be inspired to implement your ideas.

I’ll try to update the list every day, and I look forward to what you guys come up with! I have a few of my own that I’ll comment below and you tell me if I should add them to the list!

EDIT: Instead of making it my personal opinion of which is best, Any idea that gets 5 likes will be added to the best Ideas list!

The list of best ideas so far:

None yet!

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Idea 1: Make malfunctioning AIs be able to be reset when they are integrity restored!

This is good as it allows the AI player the chance to continue playing as a non-antag AI if the captain is willing to bring them back via a integrity restorer console. This also guarantees that there will be a functional AI to steal for traitor objectives.

Idea 2: Remove the Turrets for the AI upload and downgrade the doors!

Due to the change requiring codes you can only get as certain heads of staff, it’s no longer necessary to defend the upload consoles so heavily as only command personnel should have the ability to modify the laws anyway. This will allow legitimate command to have an easier time fixing ion laws or updating them to a more desired lawset, and give potential antags who acquired command access the option to subvert the AI more regularly without the AI being able to stop them so easily. They killed the captain, broke into sci to get the codes, and got into the upload. They earned that subversion!

Idea 3: Add a delay to bolting doors!

Bolting the doors and a very easy way for a silicon to just shut down antags by locking them in a room and shocking the doors. The antags are already hard countered by the most basic of sec gear, they shouldn’t also have to worry about the AI bolting them into a room they otherwise can’t escape from. At the very least they would get a moment to react.

Idea 4: The AI is not guaranteed at round start!

This is what PR #7377 by St0rmC4st3r aims to achieve. I think it’s good because we don’t necessarily need an AI round start as long as we have enough borgs around. More borgs would also allow more players to play silicon without having to go through the painful process of being borged during the round. It would also give antags a chance to antag while a new AI is being built, or give antags a chance at getting the AI before it’s installed on the sat. This would also mean that other coders (looking at you bacon) wouldn’t feel tempted to further nerf the AI.

But besides the first idea all of these are just further nerfs? :thinking:
Not that that has to be a bad thing, but certainly nerfs.
(as an ai main i do disagree with nerfs but thats just me)

The big one that can be looked at here is Yogs Ai rework
As i gather it, most people have some issues with the rework iirc
But noone says we cant pick and choose, and the basic idea(s) i personaly verry much enjoy, giving ai some more content

I wont detail what it is, just look at it.

And further related PR

decent amount of brain power that went into this over there so it warants a looking at imo

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