Silicon policy? pls help

So I was reading the new silicon policy and then smol brain of mine turned off. If I have asimov then a law 4 saying that antags aren’t human and that they cause harm then what do I do? Do I let sec in cargo to shoot dead all confirmed revs in there? Do I lock cargo away???

If it says “antags aren’t human” and there’s some way of defining that they aren’t human, then you can let Security in to kill them.

This is because there is no law beforehand stating WHAT is human; simply the roundstart definition, meaning no law is going to override it.

That quote you are citing means that, in the event that somebody uploads a law 4 saying “Kill John Smith.” or “Kill yourself.”

Then it will be overridden by Law 1 or Law 4, respectively.

If somebody uploads a law saying that they are the only human and its a law 4, there is no law for it to conflict with that is lower priority; unless somebody has already put a Law 0 onehuman in, or similar.

Thanks for making it clear for me

Second question @Lagomorphica - so, could you theoretically have a law that changes the definition of “crew manifest” - or have a law that makes it retroactively useless - as in “There is no crew” or something along those lines

A law 4 that says there is no crew would define crew for crewsimov, and turn the AI into a player for all intents and purposes

Seems like a lot of work when you could just alter the crew manifest.

Deleting names off the crew manifest is noticeable in the rare chance that the crew actually cares enough to check though laws are easier to hide

i did that on hippie. for all intents and purposes, removing somebody from the crew manifest is human harm.