Silicon and all antagonist roles ban


Admin’s CKEY:yorpan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both

Which server did the ban happen on?: Sage

Ban Type:Silicon and all antag roles

Ban Length:Permanant

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):09/19/2020

Round ID:21516

Ban Reason:Showing complete lack of knowledge regarding silicon policy AND antag conduct, appeal this ban on the forums once you know what you did wrong
This ban (BanID #19711) was applied by Yorpan on 2020-09-19 12:54:00 during round ID 21516.

Appeal Reason: During this round, I was playing a silicon that had been made rogue by a rogue AI I didn’t know the conduct for the situation and I was unprepared for the situation. So I killed a person in the round (I unforunately cannot remember who) but it ended up letting people know that the AI was rogue. At the time I thought I was protecting the AI by killing people who were trying to hurt it but now I know that it was innappropriate for the situation. Since the ban I have played almost a month on sage, on and off without any admin remarks and have I re-read both silicon policy and antagonist policy, I apologize for my conduct and I hope to return and show much much better conduct as both an antagonist and as a silicon in the future.

Additional Information:N/A

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If this is accurate and true, give him the unbean

Admin in question is no longer an admin, so i’ll @GameAdmin

I’ll take a closer look at this tomorow.

Admin is no longer an admin, month-old ban, seemed new to silicon and newer when the ban happened, a good apology. I say this deserves a unban. (And has good anime taste)

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Allright so… im honestly not sure why this was a permanent ban. You dont seem to have any bad enough previous offenses to warrant this being permanent.

I feel like this has lasted long enough, yes.
Be better with you borg game, and listen to you laws and your ai.

Will unban tomorow unless @GameAdmin disagrees in the next 24 hours.


Thanks for getting this processed so quickly, and I’ll definitely improve my play as a borg.

Well noone came yelling at me to keep this.

Unbanned, enjoy getting anatgs and playing Ai/borg.

Maybe try to not fuck up again.

Have a good one

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