Silencer_pl banned by YoshimiWasTaken

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Game Ban
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"High certainty of metacoms with ScarletRegin, you were warned already about this
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Where to start.

ScarletRegin and myself are married and live in the same house and play in the house. When we started to play Bee together, I was bwoinked by someone whose name now I don’t remember about our shared IP and I explained to them what the situation was, to which I was reminded about metacoms, which if I remember right my answer was that it shouldn’t be a problem considering we pretty much always play together and don’t do antag unless we have to during conversion rounds.

This was never in either of our public notes and did not feel like a warning at any point in time. I’ve had to go through the same thing on the other server we both play and, over time, both became staff there.

I don’t even remember when we played Bee last, but it must have been a few days ago? We were never approached about this, never presented what exactly did we do that constitutes metagaming (we either play Botany or Medical together and literally have been not converted/killed together once, when I was CMO and Scarlet was Rev. We were separated pretty fast after I was killed and then she watched me get executed by the Revs), in fact, if anything I avoided anything that could seem metagamey (another round, I think actually on the same day, had her die to a subverted medborg in hyrdro maints, which she broadcasted multiple times over General comms, but was completly ignored. I specifically didn’t run to where she was to avoid accusations of metagaming, even though I literally heard her mention it in comms)

Neither of us was ever contacted about this, nor given any concrete evidence of actual metagaming/metacoms. Unless living in the same house is a bannable offense, I really have no idea why this ban was placed without at least trying to reach out to either one of us, nor placed under this particular reason since, again, we never kept the fact that we live together a secret when asked by the staff.

I would like this ban removed or, at the very least, given concrete examples of what exactly we were banned for (as in when did we actually use metacommunication to break server rules), so I can appeal those in detail. We are both on the Bee discord and I’m in particular very easy to find there.

I am assuming I have some sort of hidden note about this since it wasn’t in my public notes system, I am going to assume the note does not detail the fact that we are married/live together and seems to mention a warning that never actually took place, or at least that is not how I remember my convo with the DM who originally brought this up.

Additional Information:
If this ban is lifted, can it please be lifted for ScarletRegin as well? She can make her own appeal of course, but it seems like a waste of everyone’s time.


Apparently this was done as a result of a player report which I just dug up in the appropriate subfofum, and also have seen for the first time, particularly because the matter in question in that report was handled in game by a staff member who even noted Scarlet for improperly escalating the fight.

I don’t want to clog up this appeal with unrelated info, but again, had I known this report existed I/we would have probably addressed that.

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The thing is, I’ve been told you two silently cooperate and even drag each other around. By multiple sources. And that this has been going for a while. I was going to test myself, only issue being that I couldn’t find you two on (american time zone go brr). As for not telling you, generally if you’re trying to check for something against a rule it’s not a good idea to let someone know you’re onto them. Like if you’re trying to find out who keeps stealing your snacks, if you tell someone you’re setting a trap on your snacks, they’ll take more caution.

I was not there myself and this isn’t exactly an easy thing to test for (assuming I could find 2 people on at once) but the claims coming from at least 2 or 3 sources would feel like evidence enough I believe.

Yes, we tend to drag each other around, partially because I have the pushover perk and can’t always move away from a grab, partially because Scarlet gets lost all the time which she adapted as an IC thing for her character. We usually talk to each other/others while we drag ourselves to the point that some characters recognize us exactly on our somewhat persistent inseparability and this usually happens while we’re both going somewhere (like one of us will say its time to grab lunch and drag the other to the cafeteria) and I was not aware this was in any way breaking server rules?

I think there may have been a few situations where one of us had to deal with something and afked, so the other dragged hem to the emergency shuttle or to cryo, ,but again, this just seemed like regular behavior to me.

EDIT: As for the telling people etc, I may just be a little to used to the protocols we have in place on the server I’m staff on, I do understand your point there.

Because there was no concrete evidence or even an investigation done in the first place, it was issued based purely off of what was said in that player report.

I’m lifting this ban on both of you now.

I’ll get on and lift this, I was the fuckup here. Go enjoy your day okay? :frowning: