Sierth banned by FreshMeatLover

Title: Sierth banned by FreshMeatLover

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Job ban
Ban Length:
1 Week
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
player report
Appeal Reason:
Lots of missing context around the situation
Additional Information:
Doctor me and doctor whoever, were invited to help the station as it was under attack by something I dont remember what, so when I and the other doctor follow the borg up on the station. We were there for less then a few moments with the borg when the warden (the reporter of the situation) immediately attacks the other doctor with his pulse gun/arresting the other doctor, screaming about vandalism of the station being the reason. When we told him no this is ridiculous and that we have now decided to not help the station after all and that we would be leaving this hell hole where our help was clearly not welcome the warden refused trying to then arrest both of us when we tried to leave. I eventually left as I wanted no part of a station that would attack me and a friendly officer who understood what was going on and disagreed with the warden’s attempt to arrest us offered to assist me back home to lava where I believe we were then intercepted by pirates and killed. This is very clearly an IC situation and I have no doubt that if the logs were read properly this would be more understood. Both doctors came from a hellish location where they only had each other to support and finally made friends with a borg only for the people they came to help to try to arrest them immediately. I made a admin help on this and received no response as no one ever came online to assist in this situation.

Probably important to also note that the gulag shuttle was the only available shuttle as the miner shuttle was destroyed so we ended up at the brig.

“Went to the station as a lavaland role (lavaland doctor) and started to cause chaos. Attacked security among other self antagonism. This note is the result of a player report: Unknown CKEY Double Player Report
Proper ban reason for admin convenience

Guess it doesnt matter that they attacked first.