Shuttle design submissions

We have this one already, actually. It’s called the DIY Shuttle.

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for 3, there’s this one: Scrapheap challenge, Could take it and make it so much worse conceptually

It would be nice to have a snap pop variant that doesn’t have the 3rd highest kill count… (Behind the Hyper fractal and Disco inferno) I would love to see carefully ratio’d N20 in the air on spawn so it still KOs but doesn’t suffocate

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Shuttle Name: The Sleeper
Shuttle File: Dropbox - emergency_sleeper.dmm - Simplify your life

Suggested Price: 20k credits?
Additional Information: The Brig isn’t very big since it is intended for a greenshift evacuation, also I’ve added some sleepers instead of a medical room.

Shuttle Name: Food Truck
Shuttle File: Dropbox - food_truck.dmm - Simplify your life

Suggested Price: 15k?
Additional Information: I added an air tank and a smartfridge to the design.

Shuttle Name: Preservation Class Biodome
Shuttle File: Dropbox - bio_reactor.dmm - Simplify your life

Suggested Price: 20-25k
Additional Information: My main inspiration was the idea of powering a shuttle using only plants.


Shuttle Name: Desert-Class Space Skimmer
Shuttle File: Dropbox - pod_racer.dmm - Simplify your life

Suggested Price: 23, 501 credits
Additional Inspiration: Based off of a Star Wars pod-racer

Shuttle Name: Dessert-Class Spooner
Shuttle File: Dropbox - spoon.dmm - Simplify your life

Suggested Price: 45k
Additional Information: fork



shuttle name : Caravel Class mining shuttle “Cometa Clamore”
shuttle file :

Suggested price : 27k
additonal information : A mining ship design, made by the Grand nomad moth fleet with space to accommodate miners working in the periphery of asteroid belts, the Rights to produce the hull design were purchased by NT and the ship was refitted as an all purpose, short deployment mining vessel.

With accommodations suitable for short term deployments of roughly 2 days, often issued one Cooler create filled with various meal options, 3 ore boxes, a keg of beer, some nice seating and some emergency air supplies.

The Cometa is considered a popular choice for miners who want to take their job off station and get away from the jabber, in favor of the tranquility of a hyperspace jump’s distance worth of space

I Haven’t tested, nor am I at all confident in my ability to test this design, from my understanding it is theoretically functional, however aspects of shuttle construction, atmospherics and odd quarks in Byond may mean the design is only aesthetically complete, It may require some testing, adjustment and additions (like a bathroom door bolt button) before it is fully serviceable in-game.


With all those shuttle designs and stuff, I think some kind of parking should be added, or at least more shuttle docking zones

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So it occurred to me while looking through all of these… why don’t we have a station that is just an actual station? Each department is its own shuttle and the service shuttle would be the general main hub ship, we’ve got pilotable ships so i don’t see why this couldn’t be implemented fairly easily.


There’s uh, a couple logistical problems with this. While I agree it would be fun and novel a couple of times, here are some of the things I think would get boring.

Traitor stole the captain’s office. Yes, the whole thing. Yoinked the HOPline too.

Science fucks off into the void for the eighteenth round in a row and nobody’s seen them since

“Where the fuck is the ore silo? My lathe just unlinked!”

Tired of exploration bringing back face huggers from exploration missions? Just cut out the middleman!

“Why has security docked in medical’s port!”

And myriad other extremely funny but also very painful “quality of life” issues that would have to be addressed.

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ive always wanted to make a map of sorts… this might be fun

Shuttle Name: - NTSS VioletLotus-class lightcruiser

Shuttle File:

Shuttle Photo:

Suggested Price: - ~70k-90k.

Additional Information:
a large multi purpose light cruiser. the smallest of the cruisers
outfiteed with everything an expedition of any sort might need

PSA. i dont have a local server to test it in. although i did extensive refrencing from stations and the other ships on this thread… also i wish i knew how to designate multiple rooms with apc’s :pensive:

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i can finally work on adding these, so next week will be the last to post any submissions you’ve got