Shrainu banned by doktorwueue

Title: Shrainu banned by doktorwueue

CKEY: shrainu
Admin’s CKEY: doktorwueue
Ban Type: Sticky Ban
Ban Length: Perma
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021/08/17
Round ID: 32111
Ban Reason: My brother got banned because he made a biological weapon with a low hour virologist out of boredom
Appeal Reason: I got banned because of him too because we are at the same house, so we have the same ip adress
Additional Information: I didn’t do nothing wrong I just don’t want to be banned because of my stupid brother

Because we already had information ahead of time that you were two seperate people, this can be lifted. You will need to protect your account from access by your brother though - if he manages to get on with your account, you will be held responsible for what he does as a result.

You should be able to connect now - post a screenshot of the message you get if you are unable to.

Thanks and sorry for inconvenience. I’ve just tried I was able to connect.

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