Should traitor curators be allowed to talk to ghosts?

The magic 8 ball item, despite being broken, is a clear indication of intent that some level of metagaming from curators is clearly allowable.

But what about full-on making a keyboard in the holodeck and asking for deadchat secrets?

I say… why not? If you either main a role or get curator from random choice and get traitor that’s a low enough chance that something like this probably can’t be abused repeatedly in a terrible un-fun way. Though I guess in the end it depends on how robust the player is and/or the frequency of this.

The ghost watching kit encourages metagaming and should have never been merged into the game.

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“Tell me your secrets on this board ghosts”

M - A - L - F


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Seeing ghosts is cool, and pretty enjoyable.
But can be very powerful.

They already can, rename your selected character to whatever you want to tell them and then click restore ghost character in the ghost tab, now they can see the name of your ghost.

I once did this to fuck over a cult round.

Ghost vision goggles should be removed

then remove them lmao

says the head dev


Didnt you code in wraith spectacles

Wraith specs are clockie only
clockies are a conversion antag with ghostroles, camera vision, and the ability to straight up end the round by summoning

Clockies are op and fun- moving on- he is complaining about what he made anyway. I have no problem with being intelligent and using ghosts

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wraith spectacles are very different since

  • They deal eye damage
  • They literally cannot be used to meta antags like the curator goggles since only the antags can get them
  • They suck

whereas ghost vision goggles are just given to any old chum as long as they are curator and allows them to meta antags such as clockies, abductors and revenants and actually care (whereas if a clockie saw one of these ghosts they probably have bigger things to be doing than to call out abductors (except to their own team but that’s on the level of cult anyway who can literally become ghosts temporarilly))

The largest issue seems to be that you can see ghosts that are orbiting with it. It seems like the simple solution would be to make ghosts that are orbiting someone/something invisible even to ghost goggles.

But nothing is ever simple with byond code. If there’s even any kind of flag for whether a ghost is in orbit mode or not I have no idea.

ghost goggles are so underused it really doesn’t matter ive seen once person pull of the gimmick in like 600 hours

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