Should Gene get a rework?

It’s essentially all just powergaming at this point, it either hurts you or helps you astronomically

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port tgui!!!

yes lmao

bypass EVA suits and hardsuits
bypass melee combat
look into literally anyone’s notes
free insulated gloves
free xray

while we’re at it, all those powers should be moved to xenobio - i think it’s really underpowered :slightly_smiling_face:



but not exactly because of any of those powers.
I think the mechanism behind it is really bad and miserable to play. You know like the 2 other jobs I dont have to name.

Eris is making something at least, the tl;dr of it from their docs is that you will be required to go out and scan people, which is a process that requires injecting them with a drug and having them stand still for a bit (aka you have to talk instead of cubicle.) Simplemobs n stuff work too but are less valuable.

After that every mutation has tiers, rarities, etc. and you have to play a dominos minigame to get something usable, and you generate research points by doing so. After getting something useful you make a moving slab of meat that you eat and alternative eat other things to try to purify bad effects.

might turn out cool idk sounds interesting (ties into various religious mechanics n shit too)

Not getting eye cancer with the old AT TA CG GC system would be neat already. If you stare at that window for several hours you might become suicidal. Or your eyes fall out. Or both. Seriously, it needs AT LEAST a visual and a comfort upgrade like the one from /TG/

visual upgrade - yes
overhaul - no


What can you do with gene that isn’t power gaming or self antag

And who’s going to make it?

Oh my lord stop bitching and give ideas

You’re the only one bitching, I’ve only asked a reasonable question.

I’m making it

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powergaming is fun though

I’d settle for hotkeys or a slightly bigger DNA modification UI so im not clicking stupidly tiny boxes hundreds of times.


better ui would be enough for the time being

destroy hulk

And well i think genetics would benefy from adding new mutations in general (and some unique one for other species) I have written up some of them that most people agreed that sound neat and are not that powergamey. can’t post them rn but you can search my user on the discord with keyword ‘‘mutation’’

hulk isn’t very strong because it has meta implications, and can easily be countered, it’s fine.

the strongest genes are x-ray and tk by far.

Someone pinged me with race-specific mutations that all sounded really fun, would be cool fluff. Apparently the genetics UI worked better before but was broken by something done elsewhere

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Race specific mutations, and different species for all the monkeyified non-humans

Yeah, that was me ! 20202020

What’s your discord name