Should felinids be removed as a species but allow humans to spawn with cat ears?

I find it quite stupid that there should be an entire race that’s just human but with 2 organs added and a bunch of shitty, sometimes buggy meme features.


SS13 players never cease to amaze me.

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Please, we don’t need another felinid removal discussion thread again, I am going to lose it.
My descent into insanity is nearly complete.

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Funny pro / anti cat wars aside
yes, yes this is what should be done
It makes no real sense for them to be their own species, it should be mutation options in human species

though as ai player it will be sad to have felines being part of the protected class
this is what makes sense


the concept of felinids doesn’t annoy me

the fact that they have their own snowflake race with 0 real abilities when they could just be human is what annoys me

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We need pr instead

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Nooo because then Felinid players would be protected under asimov and I couldn’t beat them up


As much as I hate felinids, yeah, there’s no real reason for them to exist in the current manner. Adding limb/organ customization stuff to species, and merging felinids into that would be the most sensible approach.

One issue would be:
All the felinid related code that would need to be tweaked or removed.


you could leave felinids as a shitty admin punishment race and just remove then from roundstart races and their mutation toxin if you want to be lazy


Then remove Felinids, no more felinid removal discussion threads



Return of catbans? :flushed:


Your best way to do this would be a system that allows you to swap out limbs in your character preferences, and then you can put cat ears and tails there
(among others.)

Kapulimbs should make this more robust IIRC? I haven’t looked at its details tbh.

Hey, that would mean…

You hear that @bluezorua you get credit for opening our eyes to roundstart Lizmoffinids!

miriam 2


dont we already have the option to choose what organs you spawn with? like how felinids used to have the option to start with no cat ears or tail before it was patched

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all added by redditors who thought it would be funny if they added annoying features

chocolate vomiting was supposed to remove your organs
instead it just purges all chemicals instantly because the redditor couldn’t test his code for shit

snowflake code in carbon/human, it was changed into its own species to improve the code

Felinids’ purpose is to trigger the self-insert human RPers.moff blushy


for once I agree with the moth

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It’s amazing how the felinid haters are literally more annoying than the felinids themselves.