Should Famous character names be banned for people who are not that characters player?

Stas Bolgarka
business hair 1
Lincoln beard
skin is white, i don’t remember which tone exactly - bonus points for going #000000
upper-right blue hex for both beard and hair

i fucking dare them

oh, and also “i triggered someone so much that they disguised as me to make people mad at me, fucking kek”

I am the biggest snowflake static on BeeStation and I think this idea is bad

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I’d like to see someone try to imitate the great Ratishnokov Reliovski, with his luscious green hair and masculine hat. Real shit though just use your own static name, I doubt there are many people out there who like to impersonate “famous” ic characters, and I doubt even if they do get the physical look right, their mannerisms would not be the same as the person’s they’re impersonating

i didn’t roll changeling?
fuck it

"Lube Bobricant, Assistant, has arrived on the station."

This isn’t fair, give him back.
Bob, I miss you.

ok if i get reserved im in
20 char gang

this has went to hell, was a bad idea anyway

Dumb idea. Who the fuck cares? There are ways to impersonate people in the game, I don’t see the point of restricting OOC impersonation.

Because it wouldn’t serve any use from a gameplay perspective, and could only be considered a platform for harassment outside of the game, which is completely against the rules. Bruh.

How would you like it if someone stole your name and pretended to be you for no real reason other than to annoy you?

Even if I had a static name, wouldn’t care.

If it rose to the point of player report it would be on the CKEY and garner everyone’s mockery for trying to impersonate me.

If it did not rise to the level of player report, then if someone metagrudged me on it that’s on him. Don’t metagrudge. That’s lame.

And of course if it gets discovered during round that he’s impersonating me, like in dead chat, he’d be mocked mercilessly once again.