Short story compilation, Premise and Biographies

Hello again Bee station it is I, Joykillz.

I’m sure some of you have seen the various pieces of art I have posted, much of which has flavor text made as in universe/game lore*.
I have a love for waxing poetic and writing bits of stories and flavor lore for all sorts of games that I play or enjoy otherwise.

That said, I’ll be creating a NT Biography/Dossier/employee file for my Mothman Kalavi Lumen and posting it here, perhaps with a fancy template for making it look nice and fancy.

Short stories, plan and premise

The series of short stories will be set on the retired, but yet to be decommissioned “Station 13 - 3”, within the “Golden orbital position” following the reluctant to leave crew of the station’s final shift and the various employees of Nano-Trasen assigned to attempt the salvage and shut down of the Station before it succumbs a decaying orbit, projected as a month long.

The story will follow the Decommissioners and Final shift holdouts as they contemplate the state of the universe, life under NT, the nature of the station and it’s former purpose while trying not to lose their minds to the perils of their situation, or the sheer monotony of it either.

This accompanied by no short amount of good-ol’ techno-babble and science fiction jargon regarding and considering various aspects of equipment and spess phenomena in universe, because damn me if I love writing that sort of stuff too.

Character Writing + considerations with regards to the game and stories.

I personally want to flesh out my IC character, Kalavi lumen, more, but to do that stuff has got to be written down otherwise it’s just whimsy doomed to be forgotten for one reason or another. What better way to do that than writing out some sort of file from the 3rd person view, mostly that of NT’s H.R. department.

so I figured “if I’m writing out, why not also share it”, because alot of great stuff arises when people share creative writing for any reason really.

Thusly, I invite you dear reader as well, if you have such a written thing, to post it here on this thread.

this is also because I want to include all the great people, and the characters they play as, who help make Bee station fun to play.**

That said I will ask for both your permission and blessings to include such characters, before using them and get you in on the editing process should you desire

ALSO, for flavor, it would rock if these biographies/personel files are written with a degree of ambiguity regarding the actual skills, proficiencies and occupations of said characters, we don’t want to write up too much bluster, or our own fallibility IC be our downfall.
Along side considerations with regards to the fact that yes, every round in game is considered narratively isolated from all prior and thereafter.

(*though of course, unless someone from the staff picks it up, is not cannon.)

(** fun to play is of course subjective, I don’t know if some of you have owl necks that let you mess around in game like it’s a good time, then turn 180 degrees the other way on the forums and post about how each round is a terrible thing that you regret taking part in more and more as the hours pass or vice versa.)


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