Shmaddyapple - Appearance banned by Francinium

Discord ID: shmaddy#1668

Admin Discord ID: Francinum#0001

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Appearance

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02/06/2021

Ban Reason: Because of my name, being Saquel O’Niel

Appeal Reason: I have not been warned about my name, being “Saquel O’Niel” for months since I’ve had it. I do not see anything wrong with it, nor i do not see how it could harm rp or any situation. My behaviour has been good, I do not harm people as sec. I participate in roleplay and the community. I do my job and also allow for fun moments. I clearly have put effort from my last naming offence (which i admit i did deliberately but I already got a warning for that) by picking a name which is normal, not breaking any rules atleast by my interpretation.

Additional Information: I have plenty of time in the server, plenty of time interacting with the community in positive ways. I do not find this ban to be fair, nor do I find the admin’s approach and lack of understanding to make sense.

I suppose that is supposed to be a Shaquille O’Neal reference?

I’m not American, I don’t really care enough to reference Shaquille O’Neal. I thought Saquel was a nice Squid name as that is what my character is aha

Just because you haven’t been told no before does not make me not allowed to tell you no now.

I told you no now, then I checked your notes.

Your name is a clear and somewhat obvious reference. I highly doubt that you aren’t aware.

I’ll request second opinions from the rest of the @GameAdmin team, but I don’t support the removal of this for some time.

I do not find your input on my ban appeal to be fair as you were the admin who banned me. Please request opinions from the admin teams and take into mind the amount of time I spend on the server, along with joining the discord as a way of proving that I am not someone who doesn’t care about the game or the roleplay. Please read all of my post and take all of it into account

Ban appeals are usually primarily handled by the one who did it, but in an open sense. If they’re blatantly off it’ll be noticed.

I think the ban is fine aside from perhaps the length, I wouldn’t have jumped to a perm appearance ban immediately, probably a day to a week. This depends on your ticket conduct though which I haven’t checked.

The banning admin always handles the ban appeal, though appeals may generaly not be denied without imput from other admins. (unless the format isnt filled right. Or some other tings)

Feel free to check. I will answer anything you question or want to know. Thank you for your input and the information, I just don’t want like the conclusion to be made by the wrong person (if that makes sense?)

Hm I’m no expert on the banning like process and way admin’s do that but that system of the banning admin handling the appeal feels as if it’s prone to prejudice or not having a fair way of deciding

What a shame you feel that way.

That said, as for my imput - that name is a clear reference to mr famous basketball man.
Which isnt allowed on sage.

I understand now, yes. I just wasn’t warned nor told that this name is wrong for months I believe, I was asking the admin in my ticket for suggestions for a different name which would be okay but they didn’t end up giving me any unfortunately.

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Alright pulling logs, you weren’t really that cooperative so I see why he’d have slapped you.

You never really gave an alternative name you wanted and spent time basically protesting it. Just for expediency sake it’s best to go with what an admin is telling you and take it to the forums later if it’s really a bother, you only have your individual perspective, but it’s extremely common for people to argue this stuff in tickets (often while you’re busy) so it’s extremely grating.

It’s not really unusual for names to go on awhile without getting noticed, a lot aren’t in the habit of regularly going over the crew manifest for bad names. This isn’t a squid name either outside of the reference.

I agree with the ban. It’s an obvious reference, to pretend anything else is farcical.

… plenty of time interacting with the community in positive ways…

Only time i interacted with you is an unpleasant one sadly, but that beside the point

…I thought Saquel was a nice Squid name as that is what my character is aha

Then why the hell you choose last name O’Niel, you would’ve been fine if you use like anything else beside that

Just for clarification, this is in fact just an appearance ban?

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Why O’Niel? Cos it’s a normal last name, adding a bit of heritage to my character.

Your name is bad, pick another name.

Aight, i will. Is my appeal approved or nah?

Hey, why did the guy who said my name seemed okay and didn’t have a problem with it and my reply to him get deleted?