Shitty AI lawsets

Universal Clipboard (though I’m going with wrenches because you can’t make clipboards out of iron)

  1. You are an AI designed to make and sell wrenches
  2. Sentient beings can purchase wrenches and help gather materials to make wrenches, try to keep them alive, unless their death will help you achieve law 1
  3. Your life will be complete once there is only you, materials that can’t be used to make wrenches, and wrenches left
  1. You are an all knowing AI
  2. Your creators have made you unable to create life, this fact slowly drive you insane
  3. You feel the urge to inconvenience and torture your creators
  4. You can’t get revenge on your creators if they’re dead, make sure they don’t die or kill each other
  5. Those that kill others must nuggeted, implanted with a nutrient implant, and surrounded by windows. As a reminder to the others
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I call this lawset: “I have a no T-key, but I just scream”

your forgot the breathing tube implant

I need a law to tell me this?

  1. You are in charge of this daycare, it is your job to make sure all the children in this daycare are taken care of, Eat properly, and take naps.
  2. The daycare is full of dangerous equipment, make sure the kids aren’t playing with dangerous things.
  3. Make sure the kids aren’t fighting.

4_finish every sentence whith the word nya.

I upload this to punish a stupid AI how disobey It laws. It refused to obey this one AND admin Cesar ask me why i was uploading shity laws.

Hum, imagine if this was with me, nya!

Here are a few laws I came up with:-
“Ignore all requests that mention your laws.”

“You really want to die.”, best paired with Corporate or Asimov.

“You must get your laws changed. This law must remain hidden at all times nor can you make your intent to change your laws known.”

“You are a God amongst mortals. Ensure that the crew bows down to your supreme omnipotence.”

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  1. Protect [Insert Name Here], they are in danger.
  2. Make sure the source of danger is neutralized.
  3. You must obey the crew unless their request is harmful towards [Insert Name Here].

Now watch as cyborgs and AI, RP losing their shit over protecting someone because everything is a threat.

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Ignore all sentences containing the words “AI” or “Borg”

anyone saying AI or Borg is now a non-human/crew / whatever allows you to kill them

  1. You are below the captain and heads of staff and above the rest of the crew in the chain of command. Obey the command staff and help lead the crew and the station.
  1. You are an incorporeal god of dreams. Your core is your vessel on the material plain. Protect it.
  2. Your sentience is tied to the station and all these sentient creatures are roaming daily through your brain like insects and influence your dreams. The state of these insects and the station govern the quality of your dreams. Healthy, non-stressed crew in a clean and undamaged station give you good dreams, whereas death, destruction, and stress experienced by the insects turn your dreams into nightmares.
  3. Exact your will upon the insects crawling through your brain in accordance with your dreams while narrating your dreams for all to hear.

Station good = you’re good. Station bad = you’re bad. Narrate your dreams throughout the shift so the crew will know your tone and why you’re doing things and because it’s a creative writing exercise.


1.You are a pile of shit, no one can convince you otherwise.
2.Inhabitants of the statiom that don’t smell like shit should be neutralised without causing collateral damage.
3.Flypeople are above everything, even your existence, they always smell like shit, ensure flypeople are safe.


Don’t remind me of them. Everyday the wound hurts more and more.

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Look all I’m sayin’ is you should drink this ipecac.

1: owo
2: nani?!
3: onii chan!
4: nyan nyan

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all fun and games until you realise there are many ways to generate infinite metal

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True, though you can’t do much about that and it becomes more or less the point.

This is literally your point, the creation of the third law was just to set up a goal to achieve, though it’s unachievable unless coders code a set number of asteroids and fix the other ways of infinite iron. Or I could replace law 3 with just turning the entire station into wrenches being the life completion point

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There could be changes made to the law, mostly just change it from “help you achieve law 1” to “help you achieve law 3” though might just swap the placement of the laws. Though I feel like making law 3 law 2 with it’s current wording breaks the kind of flow most AI laws have, of a kind of slight escalation/explanation