Shitposts ideas

its 1 am i feel bored.

send me shitposts ideas and ill try to edit them

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you can respawn at any time just as if you got sent back to lobby.

wym i dont underdstand

best bait shitpost idea

brain hurt. me smarnt

then why is it that europe so late

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i hate sleeping at nigth

but then the sun will piss his light all over your window, thus waking you up early
that always pissed me off so I did a full 180 and started going to bed super early and my life was better

no i go to bed when the sun goes up, then ake up at 5 on the afternoon.

you aren’t an adult yet

cause sumer. and nigth sifts are a thing.

everyone is required to have a pet slime and feed it personally. no monkeys allowed.

if you don’t have a slime you aren’t human.