Shitmins and admemes

MAKE BEE GREAT AGAIN, MAKE ME A ADMIN AND STOP REJECTING MY FUCKING APPLICATIONS. I don’t get It you need admins I appliy complaining about some of you and you reject it

imagine closing a app after 2 replies


20 charcaters

Bro you reapplied a day after being denied and didn’t up the effort too much from what I read

I reapplied cause half of the people though it was a shit post

I don’t need to explain every little detai,l I know how being a admin works, what do you want

This right here is the reason you’ve been denied twice. Your out-of-game conduct is appalling.

its the internet, I don’t see anyone in game complaining about me, There have been people that wanted me admin already. and why is there 4 admin reports in a day AVASheep Player Report 17 198 1d
PowerfulBacon Admin Report 12 43 1d
Brawlerhorde Admin Report 8 35 1d
Ro5490 Admin Report 11 110 1d
[Bastian0930] Admin Report/Complaint

Those are all older reports with recent replies.

Check the original posting dates.

even if they are, admins piss off the entire server, Why is it that when to ooc is spamming do roundvote from everyone that chats the admins don’t do anything

Can you rephrase that in a coherent manner?

and look at how many admin reports there are even if 75% of them where bullshit that’s still a lot of complaints that are legitimit,

The last admin strike was almost a month ago. Complaints are discussed internally and handled appropriately.

English isn’t even my first language Im fluent in speaking and words not in commas and punctuation its a sever fourm not school

the word is strike, the admin gets a strike, most people don’t report on the fourms cause of people like you not listening to there complaints

Fix the lack of spawners and lack of diverse game modes

Take your suggestions about the server to #council-player-discussions on our Discord server. Often, good suggestions are put to a vote internally.

they banned me for a mild nsfw post that was barely nsfw. was pic of a upper half of shrek henti with no nudity

Rule 4 states “No sexually explicit content. This includes ERP.”

That is sexually explicit content.

how, there wasn’t anything explicit someone posted a photoshop of clown on a naked black dude, was fine,pretty sure he was a headmin before the n word civil war.