Shit sec trying to kill crew turned simple mod

Title: Shit sec trying to kill crew turned simple mod

CKEY: prickly_tomato

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: no clue

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: John Smith

Date- 04-23-2021

Round Number: 29070

Rules Broken: Self-antagging

Incident Description: I ended up getting turned into gondola after drinking some of the water bottle I found in lavaland via a tendril chest (saw there was golem mutation inside, but didn’t pay enough attention to what else it had). It was obvious that I was someone on the crew turned into a gondola: I was still named “Ei-Dooka”, I flipped and spun around a lot, and I did all the *me commands. I was trying to leave medbay to head over to the bridge in the hope of being a pet to a head or something when John smith kept getting in my way. Then he started attacking me with death nettles for no reason other than “ugh, gondola”. He kept trying to find me after someone dragged me away to kill me, he eventually got turned into a slime and then started trying continue the attack and attack those around me.

Crew transformed into simple mobs are still crew according to the rules and just a player because “I hate gondola’s” isn’t an excuse on MRP.


reminds me of that time as mime I spread gondola transformation pills around before eating one and had a conga line of 7 gondolas but some detective wanted to kill us for our skins… he got killed by hos after repeatedly disobeying cap and attacking crew gondolas.

But yeah Crew is still Crew.

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I got murdered by sec for being a vampire who transformed into a bat on MRP once. I was human at the time. What I was told was, “Simplemobs are valid for any reason at any time.” Shitty, but them’s the breaks, I think.

I would like to know which admin said this and when. This was a council ruling that died with all the others.

Players will always need an RP reason to kill, even simplemobs. Simplemobs which are known to be hostile by default (slimes for instance) are a notable exception to this since it is a normal IC response to be wary or even hostile to entities which are normally hostile.

Vampire bats fall into a bit of a grey area since they are not usually attainable here (Pride’s mirror is the only source I know of), but are known antags/hostiles on other servers.

halloween lets you be a vampire, recall.
they’re usually self antagging fucks taking advantage of free ventcrawl to loot ALL the things but that doesn’t make them valid for existing AFAIK

Minor peanut but on topic.
I have a feeling it was just deadchat rather than an admin.

I think this is linked to the old Lago post regarding Simplemobs and the escalation chart (which deemed them as always valid. Even despite having lavaland escalation)
(Yes, I know the forum post was deemed void, however…)

Wiki still shows no rules for Lavaland or Simplemobs but I’m kinda glad the rules are there in spirit… My next revolution post was going to be on Simplemob escalation, more so for Sage.
An update to the wiki may be necessary… (or a link to the new rulings if I’m an idiot and just never found them when searching)

I have to go ahead and lock this one up just because of its sheer age. No punishment would be applicable after this much time has passed - Sorry we never got to this one.

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