Shiraizawa Discord Ban/Mute appeal no.1.2

Discord ID: Shiraizawa#0314

Admin Discord ID: still no idea

Ban Type: Ban / Mute (3warns)

Ban Length: No idea, wasnt said. Mute permanent since 3 warns

Ban Date (DD/MM/YYYY): 29/11/2022

Ban Reason:

political discussion in salt mines while muted which culminated in what could be considered a racist statement. I’ve noticed your conduct take a nosedive ever since you got muted. Appeal this ban after you’ve come back to your senses.

Warn Reason:

posted a screencap with a small nsfw picture in it, be more careful in the future
(only appealing this one)

Appeal Reason:

2 weeks passed. I learnt not to send any media in the discord server. I wasnt racist. Context matters, thats my reasoning why what I said wasnt racist. I didnt even start that conversation in saltmines. Also ambiguity in ban reason. I was banbaited by RKz and Cheese. Everything else is in the other appeal below.

I want to see the cat pictures posted in general…

Additional Information:

Other appeal in question - below edition

Second chance? :pleading_face:


No you weren’t, this was already ruled on and nothing has come up that would make us reevaluate this.

You ask for a second chance yet you still argue that other people made you engage in racist discourse. We don’t actually care what your political opinions are, we have 0 agency over that. However we ask that people abide by the standards of conduct we state, I had noticed you getting more complacent with our rules regarding political discourse since you were muted, and then you made the comments that got you banned.

You have to drop it with the other people involved, their cases have nothing to do with your case. I could ban them right now and it wouldn’t change anything about your situation.

Your request for a second chance is fair, however I currently don’t see any change on your position regarding that incident. You won’t convince me that what you said wasn’t racist, you straight up quoted something I could have heard at political rally.

I meant that ‘banbaiting’ as reasoning how I didnt start that conversation.

I still dont think what I said was racist, just how I dont think that when someone says im a mongol because I’m hungarian, is racist because there is proof of the ancestry. But thats that.

I won’t participate in political talks anymore, I’m not a really political person to begin with as I dont even go out to vote on my government. This is a result of my unsociable personality caused by growing up over the internet. I didnt know what was still allowed to say and what counts as being over the line. Now I hopefully get it and wont repeat this mistake.

I could argue to try and explain better why what you said was racist speech. However I think it’s better if we just settle on you not touching on anything that could be remotely political in the discord.

I’ll lift the ban, although keep in mind that this issue was not related to the other warns that got you muted.