Shiraizawa BRAND NEW Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

How long have you been playing ss13?: over 3 years

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: @WilsonPH ?? <33

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have a little over 1100 hours on beestation (picture included below) and a couple hundred on TG, further information here.
I know all departments, know how xeno crossbreeds work (when I dont fuck it up), most surgeries from muscle memory, all station engines are a non-problem (I prefer TEG over SM), fusion, other gases, mining, anything. I dont really play traitors though, only special ones like blob or wizard, or conversion antags. Also not really robust and I have just noticable enough lag to not “game” good enough to be robust. This is why I try to RP instead (and get mildly mad when someone runs off while my runechat thingy is up)

I also have experience mentoring in a little lesser known server known as Beestation13™, from however unfortunately I have been demoted as a reason of being muted from their discord server because of accumulated warns. That issue has been taken care of as of now though.

Tracked time™


I’m almost definitely already going to +1 this but I have a few questions anyway, just to make sure you’re not too rusty:

  • is there a hotkey for picking up items?
  • why cant I extract liquid electricity from the seed
  • can I kill the captain with a molotov?

bonus question

  • which botany plant is your favourite? not necessarily the most effective or useful.
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  1. how the FUCK do I MOVE
  2. how do I repair an AI?
  3. I want to fry an egg.
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I agree with Wrill on the probably gonna give you a +1, yet I’m going to post some fun questions:

  • How to put wired glass tiles on the ground? they dont work
  • I’m the captain, what can we do against a hivemind?
  • What is a greed mirror?
  1. I know of at least 2 ways to do so: Both include being in the proximity of the item.
    1.1 You click on the sprite with your L-MB.
    1.2 You alt+click the tile under the item then on the list on the top right you click on it.
  2. You first sow the seed, then if you grind the harvested plant, you’ll get the ingredients you put into the seed.
  3. Theoretically, you can! Are you allowed to? That I cannot answer, smash the elevate to ahelp after clarification and confirmation.

edit: Botany plant: Poppies!

  1. You can use the arrow keys. Additionally, you can press Tab to change between hotkey modes, that way, you can use WASD as well. IF you still cant move, check if you are buckled to something, top right corner, or, if you are stuck laying on the ground, most likely the server is having oopsie-whoopsies and time stopped flowing.
  2. You card them first, take them to the RD and put them in the AI restorer. Wait for it to finish (or smash the computer and lose the ai forever, not sure if they patched that yet) then put the carded ai back into the core.
  3. Aquire egg. Aquire microwave. Put egg in microwave. Turn microwave on. Boiled egg.
    Aquire salt. Aquire pepper. Open craft menu and either under misc or Egg based food, you will find it. Hit on craft. Egg.

Yeah this was the right answer.

the mhelper responds with: “no I mean the gene”

stellar answer, conduct also got changed recently and we can’t answer it no matter what anymore.

poppies is an interesting choice, can I ask why?

  1. The person was buckled to the shuttle seat, make sure to tell them how to unbuckle!
  2. Could mention that the AI restorer console thingy is in the RD office.
  3. Mhm mhm.

+1, could give clearer/better answers but I’m sure that rust will flake off.

  1. I actually dont know the answer. I still didnt figure that one out after all my playtime, but I do want to know it now.
  2. You can mindshield the captured people to seal their mind once again and make them mindless slaves again
    Im pretty sure you cant really do much agains the Host itself, other than execution or very strong isolation, possibly cyborgification.
  3. Its basically a magic mirror with the downsides of possibly creating an endless, gaping, abyssal hole under you, removing you from the round. Found in lavaland but doesnt spawn every time).

From Jupiter Cups? You cant.

Bicardine… And you can make poppy pins out of it. Also the first plant I ate in the game
Though I like all the flowers that you can put in your hair equally

I only added jupiter cups to the wiki recently so it’s good that you know this.

pathetic, earthsblood and mannitol on top. (also bicardine got nerfed :pensive:)


harebells are by far the most prestigious, they take a bunch of grinding to get since you can’t get them from anywhere besides a small chance from normal weed take-overs that can’t be forced with chems and I HATE GETTING HAREBELLS AAAAAAAAAAAA

T: +2

Totally did look it up from the wiki. I was first mixing it with Teslium, which you can indeed extract. Basically the same responses if ingested by a human

Also did a re-read on mentor conduct as I totally forgot to do that before writing this application. We already only elevated rules related questions when I was a mentor, so not much changed.

I believe fried eggs are crafted from the menu with raw eggs, salt and pepper. Boiled not necessary, or does not work.

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I’ll ask some questions too I guess

  1. How do I analyze this uranium artifact as a Scientist?
  2. Help, how can I build a shuttle on the station?
  3. How do I speak through a hologram as AI?

Many good things to be seen.
Ill lay these question upon you

“Can i use the breaching slugs to break down this doorms door? Its locked”
“How do i fix the gravity generator, most of the area is exploded”
“Help, i glued my hardsuit to myself”

Tell me a creative way to kill your assanation target

Best of luck!

that part is spoilered out since i was going off my head and realised that makes you boiled eggs instead. Spoilered parts are not a part of my answers

Sugar ups the weed growth rate significantly, and most maps have a few in the chapel that you can use for your starting set.

Wait let me just justify this with questions

  1. How do I use the wicker doll?
  2. Help my TEG blew up
  3. What’s the hotkey to put something in the belt?
  1. Experiment! There are many ways to see what properties an artifact have. You can read up more about it at Guide to Artifacts - BeeStation Wiki I would use a direct link pointing to the “Identifying Traits” text, but cant send that on forums because it fucks the link up
  2. I think, but Im not sure that you need to build a dry docks first. They you can grab materials, build your shuttle, place an engine, an pc, the shuttle console and an airlock. If you have all these, get a shuttle designator, appoint your turf, choose your docking airlock and you are good to go. (Shuttle Construction kit can be bough from cargo)
  3. Use :h {flavor text}
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Yep, all correct, I’ll +1
T: +3