Shiraizawa banned by imsynthex

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
3 days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Tried to arrest someone they thought was a traitor as a detective, in the process over escalating by shooting them. You should not be making arrests as a detective when there are active sec members on, please read over the rules again. DCed before they could be PMd
Appeal Reason:
I only followed the commands of my Head of Security, and those bullets in the shooting were only rubber bullets, which were the result of the person (Scarlett Deviatti(?)) not complying with the arrest, as well as taking my pepper spray during the arrest.
Additional Information:
I was standing next to my HoS (Marx XI(?)) in sec, where the HoS was holding a confirmed and incarcerated traitor. As Scarlett came by sec, the traitor called her out as another traitor to which the HoS set her to arrest on his hud as well as telling me to arrest them. At first I just stood there clapping, after which I realised he wasnt kidding, even asked him “Wait, for real?”. Then I commenced the arrest with my pepper spray, as I didnt have a disabler nor a flash. I successfully sprayed myself (I knew I was going to, since I didnt put a mask on, and it was supposed to be a quirky joke of mine, i swear im not that unrobust). After this, I told Scarlett that if they dont give me my spray back, i can only use my gun against them. I then met up with her, asked for my spray again, they didnt comply (at this point, it wasnt just resisting arrest, but possession as well). I then took out my weapon and fired 3 shots, none hit her, she then ran into maints, i kept shooting at her (again, with rubber bullets, I specifically made in the lathe and reloaded my gun with before meeting up with her). She then shoved me into a wall, then took my gun. After the embarrassment I felt, I drank myself to death while I closed myself into my office. I would also include that the only other seccie we had that shift was not present at all during the arrest, nor anywhere near security and they were a late-joiner as well in that lowpop shift. That would be all.


Hi, just here to give my side of the story (as I cant actually handle ban appeals)

After going through this again, I agree that the HoS is mainly to blame here and you got caught in the crossfire as the ahelp was for you

At first it looked like a very cut and dry case of “Detective thinks they’re a security officer, proceeds to hunt the traitor because they think they can, then fails and escalates it too far” and you disconnecting before I could ask you for your side of the story did not help your case

Also I got a second opinion on the HoS ordering the detective to arrest someone even though detectives shouldn’t be arresting people. It’s fine to follow the commands of your superiors even though if those commands are slightly questionable (this doesn’t mean you should start murderboning as a secoff because the HoS tells you to (duh))

All in all I am in favor of lifting the ban

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I would also be in favor of lifting this. I’ll wait for another admin’s response first though.

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I’ll just go ahead and lift this.