Shezza Discord Mute appeal

Discord ID: Shezza#0001 (219154746815021057)

Admin Discord ID: Archanial#9048 (261162279758725120)

Ban Type: warning

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): wasn’t given one

Ban Reason: 1 point warning 908045643459735553 issued by Archanial#9048 for don’t change your name to ike

Appeal Reason: Yeah I agree it was kind of dumb to “”“impersonate”"" a staff member, very sorry!

Additional Information: This is not a bait post.

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This isn’t one of your active warnings.

Your current warnings are…

Warnings for Shezza#0001
1 point warning 777909947568226344 issued by Unknown Moderator (348509390434729985) for Suggestive pictures in General.
1 point warning 919935385126178907 issued by Ithiria#9193 for bypass lol
1 point warning 949028174828826735 issued by TheButcher#3196 for filter bypass

I think it’s best you stay in the mines. Denied