Shark-sie server ban appeal

CKEY: Shark-sie

Admin’s CKEY: Ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: I assume both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/04/2019

Round ID: 8743

Ban Reason: As a Ling, killed a fellow ling with the same team objective. Had disconnected before the bwoink. Appeal on forums.

Appeal Reason: This ban reason is half true, and half a blatant lie. This ban reason neglects the fact that Ling chat was COMPLETELY broken, and blatantly LIES about me disconnecting before the bwoink. Kerbin_Fiber handled my ticket, he informed me of my behavior being wrong, and my assumptions about both LRP antags and broken chat/conflicting objectives being wrong. I co-operated with him in ticket as best I could, and he closed it without banning me on the spot, and told me to continue but start to help my fellow changelings as best I could. What follows will be a repost from my admin complaint on Rue, because it pretty much covers my ban appeal as well.

Today during a ling round, Ling chat was broken for the majority of the round, completely, for all lings. Because of this fact, the team objective became exponentially harder to complete, due to the lack of any reasonable form of communication that wouldnt give away who we are, or what we are after.

Because of this fact, I decided to act on my solo objectives of absorb the most genomes, and steal the captains laser gun. It was highly unlikely the team objective of escaping as heads was going to occur without our means of communication, so I opted to not follow it, operating under the impression that as a solo-antagonist the team objective came second to my solo-objectives, and that it was optional to follow (kerbin informed me otherwise.)

The ticket was originally handled by Kerbin_Fiber, he informed me of what I was doing wrong, told me to stop the behavior, and I assume noted me for my behavior, which as a previous non-offender as far as antags go, I feel was appropriate.

Rue however, decided to wait until AFTER I was killed, and logged off, AFTER Kerbin had closed my ticket, to reopen the ticket, and then lie and say that I disconnected before being bwoinked so that he could apply a 7 day ban, and used that fact to escalate from a fairly reasoned antagonist ban to a full week server ban. This is HIGHLY unsightly conduct for an admin, to wait until a player disconnects to REOPEN a previously handled and closed ticket. If I had been discord pinged, or had been informed my ticket was not DONE after being CLOSED, I would have gotten back on or stayed on.

To put my appeal reason into plain terms: Rue waited until I disconnected to escalate an offence that called for, at most, a full antag ban, by REOPENING a CLOSED ticket handled by another admin, and using it as an excuse to punish someone more severely than they deserved.

Explained on the PR ya decided to make before tis’.

Same as above.

Also logdiving to see what your convo with Kerbin went, I literally stumbled into how he closed the ticket right as he joined.

Very based.

Unbanning, welcome to hell again, and sorry for the misfire.