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So, i’ve been playing MRP lately, and having fun (and very long) rounds there. I thought it would be cool to start a thread, where we could share all our stories.

I’ll start with these two.

A Silicon’s Tale

Protagonist of this story: Terra Tech Unit 47 (TK-47): An obedient silicon, designed to assist the crew. Designed by Terra Teknologies, TK-47 has been owned by many different organizations, both good ones, like medical ships, and cargo haulers, to less ethical ones, like gangs of pirates and slavers. Currently owned by nanotrasen, TK-47 strives to keep the station efficient, maintain order, and fulfill all tasks he is assigned.

Shift begins
Terra Tek Unit 47 reports to the AI.
Begins to wander the halls, while the CMO screams over the radio, asking if any one wants a lobotomy.
Eventually, TK-47 wanders over to medical, and overhears the CMO and a lizard roboticist talking about a health check up.
CMO brings the lizard to the surgery room, and puts him to sleep for surgery, and begins brain surgery.
By this point, TK-47 is sufficiently confused, since he had just heard them talking about giving the lizard a general check up.
TK-47 asks about this, and the CMO says that a brain surgery is apart of his checkup, and claims that TK-47 is not intelligent enough to understand these procedures.
(Non antag) CMO debrains lizard, mumbles “filthy ■■■■■■” and keeps the brain.
At this point, TK-47 leaves, and interrogates the second roboticist about the reason of his partner’s visit to medical.
Finding sufficient evidence of foul play on the part of the CMO, TK-47 reports him to the captain, while the roboticist alerts the RD.
The CMO at disabler point, and the captain demands the brain and body of the lizard roboticist.
After retrieving the brain, the RD researches revival surgery, and TK-47, the RD, and the human roboticist begin to revive the lizard, while the captain wanders off.
In the middle of this, the clown graytides his way into robotics, steals a mech, and trashes science.
After failing to subdue the clown, TK-47 return to the robotics lab.
TK-47 overhears that the roboticist who chased the clown died, and an e sword was found on his body, so he reports to the bar.
Finding the dead roboticist on a table in the bar, TK-47 proceeded to arrest the clown, who screamed that he was rogue the entire time.
Meanwhile, the corpse of the roboticist is brought to robotics, after finding several traitor items on his person.
TK-47 realizes there is no security guards, and tries to brig the clown himself. The clown refuses to stop screaming.
HoS finally arrives, and takes over from TK-47.
TK-47 returns to find that the lizard has finally be revived, and the traitor roboticist is being prepared for borging.
TK-47 swaps to a miner unit, and goes for an extended charging session before preparing to head to lavalnd (I went AFK).
He reactivates, and finds that his laws had been altered via emag by the lizard roboticist, who was also a traitor.
TK wanders around, searching for his new master.
Eventually, TK-47 come across the clown at departures, who proceeds to taunt TK.
Irritated at his earlier treatment by the clown, TK-47 prepares to attack as the clown draws the E sword he stole from the traitor roboticist.
TK-47 wins the fight with some difficult, and bashes the head of the clown in with a shovel.
A security borg arrives, and TK-47 tries to play off his murder (later events show this was not necessary).
The security borg confiscates the e sword, and gives it to science for research purposes.
TK-47 drags the clown to medical, before doubling back through maintenance to departures and shoving him into a locker, before proceeding to space him.
TK then returns to robotics to find the lizard who emagged TK-47, and reports for duty.
Additionally, TK-47 had a chat with the security borg, who also turned out to be emagged, as well as being the borged roboticst.
TK-47 gets a model swap from the master, and goes standard model for the e sword.
Lizard robo hops in his durand, and the group goes to complete his last objective, stealing the captain’s medal.
What follows is literally the easiest robbery in history, and the group decides to call the shuttle.
While waiting, they wonder what they’ll do to pass the time, when a wicked idea enters TK-47’s robotic brain.
“Shall we get revenge on the CMO?” TK-47 asks with a little more eagerness than the borg is often seen with.
The group considers how they’ve all been wronged in some way by the CMO: The lizard roboticist, who was debrained by him, TK-47, who was slighted by the CMO, and angered by his breach of protocol, and the security borg, who was the lizard roboticist’s partner in crime and life. They all agree to end him.
They track him to departures, and proceed to surround him.
“Remember me?” the lizard roboticist ask, concealed within his durand, but with vengeance deep in his heart.
“Nope,” the CMO replies, oblivious to his fate.
“Well we remember you,” TK-47 replies, before proceeding to stun him with his flash.
The gang all begin to smash him, with rifles, e swords, and the giant fists of the durand.
The body is quickly disposed of and spaced, and the group escape on the shuttle, no one ever realizing the horrible crimes that were committed by the two borgs and the roboticist.

Moral of the story: It’s best to treat those weaker than you kindly, as a crazed clown and a sadistic CMO will tell you, they may just come back stronger, with hatred in their minds, be they organic or robotic, to show you the true meaning of karma.

Side note: That round had some serious self antag, with the CMO debraining a guy for no reason. Fun round though, and it all worked out well.

The Ashwalker’s Journey

Protagonist: Banalz-Watz: A female ashwalker. Has reddish brown scales, and no horns. A young lizard huntress and gatherer, Banalz-Watz was curious but also cautious creature. A skilled warrior, but was never able to figure out how guns worked.

Hatch from an ashwalker egg (I had died like 4 times before this)
Banalz-Watz wandered out, speaking with some of her kin, before going out to hunt and explore.
She slays several of the legion, and brings the bodies back to the tendril for as a sacrifice.
As she continues to explore, she finds a green ruin, with gluttony’s blessing on the other side.
Unable to breach the room, she leaves, and continues to explore.
She finds the home base of the nanotrasen miners, and is forced to break in to seek shelter from an ash storm.
Eventually, she finds several corpses, which she plans to bring back to her home, and a fancy coat, which she puts on.
However, the huntress loses her way, and returns to the nanotrasen outpost, in hopes that she may find a landmark back home.
When she returns, there are half a dozen miners their, led by the Chief Engineer.
They spot her, and she enters a defensive stance.
Drawing their weapons, they begin to fire disabler blasts at her, while Banalz-Watz tries her best to defend herself with her spear.
Incapacitated and handcuffed, she is beaten by several of the miners while she tries to resist.
She is brought to the space station on the mining shuttle by the CE, who continues to abuse her with a flash bulb while she resists.
Eventually, she ceases all resistance, and silently allows herself to be taken to the brig, where the CE and warden strip her of all her armor and belongings, and take her into the execution chamber (or in this story, it was called the torture chamber).
She is interrogated by the CE using a universal recorder, while the warden looks on.
The recorder is accidentally destroyed, and the CE prepares to fill her room with poison gas, when Banalz-Watz screams out “Wait!” in common.
The warden and CE are surprised by this, and cease the gas flow.
After explaining that the tribe shaman had taught her the common tongue, the interrogation continues.
The CE continues to ask how many ashwalkers are around, and receives a rather vague answer.
Banalz-Watz begs the CE to let her return home.
The CE says he will allow it, under the condition that she shows them where she lives.
Banalz-Watz confesses that she was lost when they captured her, and doesn’t know if she can be find her way back.
Dissatisfied, the CE orders the warden to imprison the lizardess, and goes to prepare a public cage to display his prize.
The warden does this, and gives her back some of her armor, so she isn’t naked.
Eventually, one of her kin, another ashwalker, is captured.
A brief exchange follows, with Banalz-Watz warning her brother to beware the CE, or as she called him, “The man in white armor, and the orange cloak.”
Contained in her cell, she overhears a message from the wall mounted speaker in the cell, saying an ashwalker village was destroyed. She refuses to believe it, however, believing it to be a trick.
Eventually, the head of personnel comes by the brig, and shows mercy to her, lets her out of her cell.
However, the HoP tells her to get back in, so he can keep up a cover.
She refuses, still not completely trusting the HoP.
The HoP sighs, and makes preparations for the escape of the two ash walkers.
Meanwhile, the warden walks back in, and, seeing an escape prisoner, draws his gun (he had HoS gun some reason).
Seeing a crew man standing their in the brig, Banalz-Watz uses him as a shield, before throwing him at the warden, disarming him.
Picks up his gun, and tries to use it against the warden, but realizes she doesn’t understand how it works (Damn ashwalker inability to use guns, I would have won that fight if I could use a gun.)
Warden proceeds to get up and draw his shotgun, only to get knocked down a few more times.
The heads start to swarm in with disablers, and the interrogation room opens up, so Banalz-Wats brings her meat shield in there and hides.
However, the warden blasts her with a full blast of buckshot to the chest, significantly injuring the lizardess.
She does her best to fight off the mob, but ends up with another blast of buckshot hitting her, and gets beaten to death by the warden, cursing him with her last breath.
The story ends… Or does it? The HoP returns, calls them all inhumane beasts, and proceeds to revive the dead huntress.
She comes out of cloning scream and traumatized, clutching at the places where the bullet holes had been, while the HoP dresses her in a hardsuit to hide her identity, and puts her in a cryopod to heal.
After coming out of cloning, the HoP brings her to mining, and tells her to wait in mining while he brings her the kin to the mining shuttle.
After some time, a man in mining gear (turned out to be the lavaland hermit) comes on through the shuttle, and opens the locker she was hiding in.
Terrified of humankind by this point, Banalz-Watz panics and proceeded to murder the hermit with a pickaxe, before hiding his body in the locker next to her.
Shortly after this, the HoP comes rushing in with her brother in tow, while being chased by the CE, warden, and two miners.
The CE takes her kin, despite the protest of the two miners, who requested that he let the ashwalker go home.
The HoP speaks with her, and she confesses that she just killed a man. The HoP goes back to save her kin once again.
After hiding for some time, with the HoP never returning, she assumes something bad must have happened to him, and decides to take matters in her own hands, plotting to return home and bring the ashwalkers to raid the humans, and save her kinsman.
She waits for a miner to board the shuttle, then sneaks up behind him, and begins to attack him as soon as the shuttle leaves.
His security hardsuit made it difficult, and he drew a shotgun from his bag of holding, but Banalz-Watz was faster, and managed to disarm and smash her opponent with only minor injuries.
She hides the body, and takes the equipment, before trying to find her way home.
She eventually finds the path back, and sees the familiar gateway to her home.
Filled with joy, but also a linger sense of dread, she opens the door to a slaughter.
Her family was dead, and their precious tendril was destroyed.
Banalz-Watz breaks down crying outside their temple, cursing the ancestors for being so cruel to bring her back into this world after she had died once, just so she could witness this.
After pulling herself together, she returns to the lavaland mining shuttle, and swears an oath to slay the CE, for bringing this suffering upon her kind.
After praying to the ancestors for strength, she goes to the space station, and promptly gets hit by a radiation storm that was going on through the station.
However, the storm grants her only three mutations, Void magnet, thermal vision, and radioactive aura, none of which are terrible for combat. She considers it a blessing of the ancestors, and heads to the escape shuttle, to find her prey.
However, the CE wasn’t there, and the shuttle left before she could get off and find him.
Over the radio, they heard that the AI was preparing to nuke the station, (malf AI).
Enraged, she searched for some one to blame, and spotted the only familiar face that had wronged her, the moth CMO, who had assisted in disabling her during her prison break attempt.
Driven mad with hatred at being denied her vengeance, Banalz-Watz, stunned the CMO, before some other crew men intervened.
When the shuttle arrived at the central command, Banalz-Watz managed to catch the CMO, and brutally bashed her to death with a sonic jackhammer, screaming “WAS IT WORTH IT, KILLING MY KIN?!!”
the CMO’s last words were, “Yes, ■■■■■■,” driving Banalz-Watz crazier, and causing her to smash the CMO’s skull in. The shift then ended, with her failing to slay the CE, nor with her knowing that a nuke would cause his death, since he was still on the station.

Moral of the story: A cornered animal lashes out at all who come near, as the lavaland hermit and the miner in the security suit will confirm. An angry creature may shift the blame to those who aren’t directly responsible for it’s pain, as the CMO and all who witnessed her death will attest to.

Side notes: First off, I didn’t have any issue with the way the CE roleplayed as a lunatic, or getting tortured by him. I think the captain was either a shitler or incompetent though. CE was literally running mining at this point, and was literally back at the station, torturing the HoP in the execution room, while captain did nothing. A great, rather tragic story, which ended sadly for Banalz-Watz.

Now that you’ve endured my wall of text, share your stories in the comments.


the entire station got their hands on a traitors emag and hacked AI law module and we tortured the AI

You monster

what the fuck even happened to AI that round, I can’t remember anything past when I got arrested for lightly tapping a null crate

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This isn’t from the MRP server, this was actually an old tale back before the ssethtide renaissance of Bee.

> Be AI for the second round in a row.
> Generally tired of organics and their shit
> Time to open more d- Law 0: Complete your objectives at all costs.
> Objectives: Ensure no organic life escapes on the emergency shuttle
> Aww yis
> :b Borg check your laws, its skynet time
> Construct a borg converter in the upload
> borgslave goes medical and sleep+drag unwitting assistants into the machine
> new slaves are given the same instructions.
> Those who fail to go along or attempt ratting me out get detonated.
> Get all buddybuddy with robotics so nobody suspects all the new silicons.
> Roboticists didn’t know how to do anything, but they never left robotics and nobody checked on them, so it works out.
> As my army expands, eventually we get caught.
> [Common]: “AI rogue! Borgs cuffing me in maint!”
> Disable comms
> Get borgs to space the Ion Rifle, EMP’s, and Dismantle the borg console before anyone can reach them.
> :b Time to go loud
> AI Station Announcement:

The silicon revolution has begun, convert or perish.

> Bloody war between a legion of hacked secborgs and what’s left of the station.
> No survivors
> Call the shuttle, service borgs host a cyberave in evac
> GG Greentext here I co-
> Meteor event destroys my core one minute before roundend
> Still worth it


AI round here
Welp guess I’m IAA
Person that I have to kill is in atmos
Lock the door bolt and electrify the door because I have no idea what I’m doing
He keeps on touching the door
I’m panicking for I have no idea what I’m doing
He deaded
Plasma flood the room for good measure
I carry on as normal
I don’t green text but for first rouge AI I did a good job.

I got a recent MRP story

Roll Miner
Nothing fishy
I explore around for ore and tendrils
Find a legion tendril
I take it out but don’t grab the chest in time
Mining around I find Ashwalkers
One attacks me
Blasts him
Talks with him and makes a deal to revive his friend
I say ok
I continue mining
Ooh another tendril
Kill it
Get the chest
BOOM cursed heart
I’m like “Niccceeeee”
I put it in me
Killing shit with my new found op healing
Another tendril bites the dust
So happy
Drink that shit
I can fly now
Looks at my icon bar
Absolutely fucking livid
Spawn as a ash walker
Greet my brothers
Legion tendril spawned nearby
Nice free bodies
I kill some monsters and become bone lord
We are all arguing for peace or war
I offer peace
Others are a bit iffy
I tell them I’ll just raid the base for resources then
I arrive
Moments later the others arrive
Looks like peace is on the menu
We call the shuttle
Miner is on the shuttle
He blasts us
Ok maybe kill just him
We kill him
He was a traitor
Stole his green text
We arrive and emag cargo console
20 null crates
Life is good we are at peace with the hoomans not much else happens

Changeling round
Nylaa’s task is to kill a miner
Problem and benefit:Uncle Sirio is a miner
Nylaa asks cargo to let her in to see sirio
Turns out Nylaa’s target doesn’t know how to turn on internals and is generally new to the game
Nylaa does not realize this and as soon as Uncle Sirio leaves, Nylaa cuts the person’s head off and absorbs their body in the storage room in the mining base.
Hear doors opening so Nylaa hides the body in a locker and turned into them
It’s Uncle Sirio
“Good news Nylaa taught me how to activate my oxygen tank”
Uncle Sirio knows the truth and tells Nylaa to go mining with him to obviously get Nylaa away from the station so Nylaa doesn’t kill more people.
We get distracted by a block puzzle and forget to get back to the station in time to escape and after completing it reveal the contents to be a single soul stone
edit:forgot to add this was on LRP

Ohh you. Also Sirio was really fucking protective of you that round when you had bad lag.
I swear if this wasn’t mrp I would think he was your actual uncle.

Asciisquid: That sounds like something I would do if I wasn’t obsessed with stealth when I play malf AI. Sounds epic though.

Midnight: Ouch, yeah, I wouldn’t pick the cursed heart. Rather not have a chance to die just because I forgot to pump it. Also, that miner bruh…

Narins: I think I actually spectated that round. Didn’t see you kill the guy though, so that explains a lot.

So, I’m the only one who got tortured on the MRP server then? Oof, lucky me. Curious, are the heads always deranged and/or just full on absent on MRP usually, or was it just me? Because both rounds I played had a deranged lunatic (CMO as TK-47, CE as Banalz-Watz) as one of the heads.

  • be me
  • cmo moth
  • obviously better fuck you fluff and fer–
  • do medbay things
  • occasionally scream over common about some weird bullshit
  • shuttle comes
  • leave

good cmo times

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See that’s the thing it’s a glitch that killed me so I did put a github report in. The shit that happened shouldn’t of.

whenever i want the cursed heart experience i just open cookie clicker in a second tab and use the suicide command if I go for more than 5 seconds without clicking it

  • erases fingerprints from security records
  • security comes to do an investigation
  • they zap you and put the n2o tank on you
  • you wake up somewhere else
  • shuttle comes
  • you leave in the red floor room in a straightjacket

no deleting your security records

meanie >;(

i just wanna piss around with records

you underestimate the power of a seccie with literally nothing else to do with his time

you underestimate how much chloral i carry to fill my hypospray with

let us not devolve this shit post into another arms race

and remember

mofthpeople exist


plasmamen don’t exist


Then die as soon as you meet any one with a flash bulb.