Share some warcrimes you've commited (this topic is being hidden from Nanotracen secret services under the guise of being a charity)

i’ll start first
for one sometimes i cant be bothered with a cloner so i just…
and another time
by captain’s orders i chopped a lizard’s legs off and gave him 1 human leg. only 1 so he may suffer more. then cap took him and dressed him all pretty.
i think it was a torture technique. sadly gladly we have no pictures of that criminal event


one time i hooked a guy up to a stasis bed and ripped out all his organs and limbs one by one to see if he would die. Surprisingly he lived but I didn’t know organ rotting was a mechanic so when i put them all back in and unbuckled him he walked about 5 steps before dropping dead


Back when circuits were a thing I made a chain flash bang.

Funniest part was right as I start testing it a coworker comes in going “Oh hey Jimmy” to lead up to a question right before it started going off.

I’ve used the BS bag into BS bag trick a few times with martyr to kill my targets under the guise of getting one for them.

I’ve made many many ritual sacrifices using a chain sword. Once going so far as to open a sacrifice clinic where people could volunteer to be killed. I had a few takers.

As part of an AI council I had laws to disrupt the efforts of the other AI. Cue being the most annoying silicon to other silicons.

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Back before all the Xenobio nerfs Orchids was tearing up the station with caps gun and a terrifying dose of robustness, and I hit em with the one-two punch of teleporting them into a room full of enraged slimes. They died, and I’ve never felt worse about killing someone.

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Seconds after this screenshot a meteorite struck the kitchen and exploded, gibbing me instantly


I played as a miner


Oh my god i need to know the full context and know what happened next

This was nerfed sadly right?

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I don’t believe this has been nerfed actually, regenerative and gentle bluespace were nerfed recently but I’m pretty sure the extract I used for this, chilled bluespace, has recieved no changes.

As for context, I was a traitor with hijack that got to fulfill an idea for a dumb joke that I had for a long time. The anti-felinid protest that was happening ended up being colatteral damage. I managed to keep Liz, my valentine alive by just telling them to hide in the warping rainbow rune room, and apparently admins were briefly confused because they thought one of their own went apeshit with the funny buttons.

I even got bwoinked at one point since Haliris wanted to ask me if I was the reason megafauna were on the station, when I said yes he just replied with “based” and closed the ticket. Eventually I made my way to the bridge of the shuttle and got beaten to death.


When I was new I thought griefing was allowed, so I rolled virology, injected myself with the funny, and went around sharing my filthy blood with people because “one of the sick monkeys got out here’s the cure”

Another time I thought “lawyer” meant you could literally and instantly make space laws that people had to follow, so I made a newschat channel with all the laws in it, full of clauses like “if you do not do this, it is a sign of consent to your own death” and “you must call him Thaddy”

As clown once, I took several cartons of eggs, and instead of throwing them at people to egg them, I took it a few steps further by putting the egg into syringes and force injecting them into people’s hearts at 5 meter range via syringe gun

Let’s not forget the time all the heads and I (we had every head including QM but not CE who latejoined) agreed to free our station of felinids, and we held a whole ass fake trial to get the felinids executed/gulagged “”“legally”"". I was the “defense”, and instead of defending I made the felinid look even guiltier

There is of course the time I fried up some burnt food and fed it to people with the label “human shit” so it made the game say “CHUCK FINGER IS FEEDING YOU HUMAN SHIT!” “I LOVE THIS TASTE!”
Got a note for it because apparently bad food is full of toxins, go figure

on TG you can do anything as Antag so I used the opportunity to “cure the ugly” by using DNA injectors to make everyone look like me.

I have several more stories but those are for another day

Edit: I have pictures but no embed perms


i can already say this community needs to be put under criminal watch


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