Shadowtail117 banned by Kerbin_Fiber

CKEY: Shadowtail117

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP for sure. I don’t play on LRP so unsure if it was applied on there.

Ban Type: Permanent (as I wasn’t online at the time)

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/05/2019

Round ID: 9894

Ban Reason: “Arrivals was blown up with a TTV. There was another TTV outside arrivals with this guy being the one to put it together, as the bartender, who wasn’t an antagonist. I highly suggest you appeal on the forums to sort this out, and we can get the full story. (It’s a perma due to them being disconnected at the time of admin PM.)”

Appeal Reason: Since this was over a week ago, I am not sure about the exact details of the round. However, I don’t recall ever assembling a TTV bomb as a bartender on Sage. I’ve only ever even set up a TTV once, but that was in the toxins testing lab and I only blew myself up; I’m not even sure if it was on Bee either. The last round that I remember being a bartender on Bee was when I was murdered by a traitor (which I filed a ban report for, and was 42 rounds before on round 9852). So, my best guess is that this ban was intended for someone else?

Additional Information:

i feel like this oughta get looked at

Yeah, during this time, a lot of people were probably LRP players on MRP. I knew I would forget about this and I’m glad you made an appeal. I’ll look into the logs to find the real person who blew it up. The reason why the ban landed on you was because I used the View Variables button which has variables that store the name of the person who put it together. I should’ve looked at the logs.

tl;dr You’re unbanned when I find the real culprit


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Even though the logs literally show you putting a bomb together, it was blown up in the Toxins Testing area

If I remember correctly I might have switched jobs to scientist in this round. The logs probably don’t factor job changes into account.